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How To Install A Door Correctly The First Time

How to install a door – Getting it done right the first time

Do you know how to fit a door?

Don’t have an electric planer, drop saw or a cordless drill? These are just some tools that are required to install a door. But the most important part of installing a door is experience and knowledge.

Measuring the doors you’ll find that the top, middle and bottom are all different sizes. Your doorway could be out of square and you wonder, ‘how am I going to make this new door fit?’

Holes for the handles need to be drilled to the correct size, hinges needs to be chiseled. Finding a company to install a new door would be a great option so you won’t have to buy a new one if you mess up the first door.

Can I get doors made to order so I can do the installation myself?

Having doors pre cut would be possible in a perfect world. A world where every single door is the same size, opening the same way, hinges in the correct position and same holes cut for handles.

You get everything done for you and you take in a home and install.

We live in the real world and if this happens you’ll find that the handle for all your doors are in different positions, the measurements are different from the top to the bottom and the hinges are in different positions.

Looking at it they all look the same but get a tape measure you’ll find 5mm off means a lot. The door could be touching the door frame, handle not closing in the striker plate and the door is scraping along the floor.

It is difficult to find a new door that is the exact same dimensions as your old door, however, this is where professionals can help you with a new one.

Getting the right people for installing doors

There are plenty of handymen and carpenters out there that can get the installation done. But think about this, would you get a dentist to diagnose your illness or a plumber to do your electrical work?

Handymen can do anything from painting to gardening; a carpenter can go from building house frames to a timber deck. You are best to get the professional that knows what they are doing to do the job right.

Having someone that will install it cheap doesn’t always mean they know what they are doing. In all industries we are looking for the best price and quote. You should always ask yourself, how long have they been around for? How long is the warranty and most important of all do they know what they are doing?

Leave it to the Professionals

At Doors Plus we supply a fitting service where a qualified carpenter will replace an old door and install a new door for you.

Doors Plus has been giving Australian homes a face lift since 1989. All installations are carried out onsite, measuring of the doors, trimming, drilling holes for handles and deadlocks and recessing the hinges so that every single door is custom to fit snugly into your rough opening.

Our qualified carpenters also check and make sure there is enough clearance at the bottom of the door so that the door won’t scrape against the floor. All Doors Plus carpenters are qualified at fitting doors, doors and doors, which means that they know what they are doing.

A professional will check to make sure that your new door has the right shims it needs to fit into the frame and to close the door. We will also make sure hinges are on the correct side of the door to maximise the best flow for your house.

If you like to get it all done in the one place, visit your nearest Doors Plus where we can fit, stain, paint and deliver for you. We have a range of internal doors, exterior door, bifolds, sliding doors, stacking doors and panoramic in timber and aluminium.

We also offer a free measure and quote service, visit your nearest Doors Plus showroom today to view our entire range and organise a free measure and quote.

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