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How To Soundproof A Door

Different door materials offer different levels of sound absorption and noise reduction, so if you live in a noisy area or want to reduce noise, you should speak to your door supplier about acoustic doors.

Noise Barriers and Acoustic Doors

There are various ways to improve the noise insulation in your home, including choosing thick curtain materials. However, the biggest changes can be made when replacing windows and doors. Double glazing offers superior noise insulation as well as heat insulation, and can be incorporated into door panels.

Door Sweeps

Having your doors professionally installed will also help to ensure they block out as much noise as possible by avoiding leaving gaps at the edges. However, even custom made doors can still leave significant gaps for noise to enter at the bottom, which can be alleviated using door seals that bring the level of the door right down to the floor. Door seals are normally made from well insulating materials such as rubber, to create a seal against unwanted noise and heat.

Want to reduce Noise? 

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