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Patio Door Options For Replacing Sliding Doors

Is it time to refresh the doors between your interior and exterior living spaces? These doors play an important role in terms of both functionality and style – they connect your inside and outside areas and open up your sociable space, but they also need to function as both external and internal solutions.

You want your external doors to be aesthetically pleasing, secure and durable, while your internal doors should be stylish and in keeping with your home’s décor.

At Doors Plus, we have a wide range of solutions for giving your home a lift, as well as some innovative designs and configurations that can help to maximise your space, light and flexibility.

Which Material Would You Choose?

The key choice to make between the Panoramic and Bona Vista ranges is the material and finish. Which option you go for will depend on the look you want to achieve, as well as location and practicality.

Our Panoramic sliding, stacking and folding styles are made with a solid timber frame and can be finished with a dark maple stain for a classic and elegant look. The Bona Vista doors have a sleek and contemporary aluminum frame that can be finished in white, black, grey or primrose to suit any style of home. This gives you the flexibility to blend choice into your existing décor – inside and out – or to treat them as a statement piece.

Replacing the Sliding Door Onto Your AlFresco Area Replacing the Sliding Door Onto Your AlFresco Area

Aluminum is a strong choice for a resilient and durable external door, and our Bona Vista range includes double weather seals to all frames and panels, for ultimate protection against the elements.

While timber could be considered less well-equipped to handle the harsh Australian weather conditions, thanks to the quality of our materials and construction our 100% Pacific Ash timber frames are exceptionally durable and hard-wearing.

Replacing the Sliding Door Onto Your AlFresco Area

Which Configuration Would Suit You Best?

Sliding doors are a great option for leading out onto a patio or verandah as they work well for large openings and don’t eat into your floor space. But they’re not the only flexible option for maximising your living space and making the most of alfresco areas.

Our solid timber Panoramic and aluminum Bona Vista ranges include sliding, stacking and bi-fold options, which all offer their own benefits when it comes to an indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

Our sliding options glide smoothly away to the right or left when you want to open up your home onto your patio or decking. They are excellent for large openings and help to maximise your sociable space, and they give you an unbroken view from the comfort of your home, even when closed.

Both our Panoramic and Bona Vista ranges are available in a variation of sizes, and you can combine either 2 or 4 panels to fit your space. If you want to replace your tired old sliding door with something new, fresh and stylish, these could be the option for you.

If you’re looking for a bit more of a change, you could consider one of our stacking options. The innovative design allows you to effortlessly push them away to one side when you want to open up the space, and the panels will stack neatly on top of each other.

Again, you can combine multiple panels or sets to suit your opening. Our Panoramic and Bona Vista stacking options make for a stylish and versatile replacement for your existing door.

Replacing the Sliding Door Onto Your AlFresco Area Replacing the Sliding Door Onto Your AlFresco Area

Finally, bi-fold doors fold elegantly away when open in use, giving you access to the entire width of the doorway. This is a great space-saving design and is suitable for both smaller and wider openings as you can combine either 3,4 or 5 panel options in various configurations, depending on what works well for your space. You can combine up to 5 panels and opt for a left or right hand opening, depending on what works best in your space.

Replacing the Sliding Door Onto Your AlFresco Area Replacing the Sliding Door Onto Your AlFresco Area

Je Suis (I am) French Doors

If you really want to embrace the continental way of life, why not replace your existing sliding door with a set of elegant and sleek double French doors? Both practical and stylish, they work really well to open your home out onto a deck, patio or verandah, creating a seamless flow from inside to out.

Our Claremont range, is a contemporary style that is made from 100% Pacific Ash timber, and the quarter sawn construction makes them extremely durable and resilient in the face of the elements.

Replacing the Sliding Door Onto Your AlFresco Area

Glazing Options

Whether you go for sliding, stacking, folding or French doors, your choice of glass will make all the difference to both the style and practicality of your indoor/outdoor solution.

The main function of your patio doors is to blur the line between your interior and exterior spaces, to invite light into your living areas when closed, and to allow you to enjoy the view, but your choice of glass will also determine how strong, safe, insulated and weather-resistant your new choice proves to be.

Our exclusive SafeGlass™ is an excellent choice for you and your family as it is up to 500 percent stronger than ordinary glass and doesn’t shatter if broken. You can upgrade to clear double-glazing in some styles, for enhanced sound and heat insulation. We also offer clear or frosted options, depending on the balance you want to strike between your view and your privacy.

Glazing Options

Finding Your Fit

Making use of your alfresco areas is a great way of expanding your living space, especially when hosting and entertaining, and finding the right option is all about knowing what’s going to work for your home and your lifestyle. If you’re thinking of replacing your existing door with something more interesting, versatile, durable or contemporary, it pays to explore the wide range of options available and to consider both style and practicality.

Making the right choice will transform the way that you use and enjoy your space, so if you’re still not sure which solution is best for you, drop into one of our nearest showrooms and one of our specialists will help you find the right fit.

Finding Your Fit Finding Your Fit

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