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Taking The Fuss Out Of Front Entry Door Configurations

If you’re looking at giving your front entry a face lift, you may have other options rather than just replacing what you have already with something new.

For instance you could change your double doors to a door with 2 side panels?

Or does your front entry have a great big piece of glass off to the side? You could change it to double doors or a door and side panel?

The Most Versatile Range

Here at Doors Plus, we have the most versatile range of doors available in Australia which means that we can configure doors, side panels and framework to freshen up your front entry, give it an entirely different look or modernise what you already have. So updating has never been so easy.

Many homes were and still are made with a front entry that has large glass panels combined with the door. The glass may be see through or brittle or just plain out of date.


We can provide a full installation service, where the surrounding timber work is replaced with new materials, doors and hardware. You can create something really impressive and add value to your home at the same time. Side panels come in a range of designs and are a great feature at the front of your home. From modern minimalist sort of looks, to something more traditional featuring patterned glass. We have doors with matching side panels, but there is nothing to stop you from mixing it up a little.


Double doors really make a statement, 2 doors side by side have an imposing look, with the added benefit of never limiting what you can bring into your home from the front. Maybe now you can buy that pool table or grand piano?



We Will Have Something For You

Side panels do not have to be a fixed panel. We can hinge it, like a double door. So that you can have the option of opening the panel to allow for a more wider opening when needed – like bringing in or taking out furniture.

Of course there are some limitations to how big or small we can make a door, there are going to be some instances where you can only have one side lite panel in instead of two, but rest assured we will have something that will be able to fit in and look great. Now, if you have something that is a little taller than usual, we have a range of doors available in taller sizes or we have ways of creating transoms which are the panels over the top of the doors.


So whether you have a single door, double doors, glass at the side or the top, maybe you’re looking for a change, something to bring your house up to date and add value, then have a look at the different types of combinations we have available here at doors plus and speak with one of our consultants to work out what is best for you.

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