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The Preamble On Door Handles, Locks & Knobs

Door Furniture can be quite daunting when you first look at the range that is available.

So to make it a little simpler we are going to go through the basic handles and what they do.

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Entrance/External Sets

If we start with the external range we have our friendly old entrance set. The entrance set has been around for a very long period of time, it features a key hole on the outside and on the inside it has a push button or turn snib that will lock the door. But be careful not to lock your self out.

A good utility lock is what we call a deadbolt, this is a bolt that is thrown when you turn the key, it operate from inside or outside with a key. So if someone breaks in through a window they can’t take anything out with them through the door because they’ll need a key, so your grand pool table is safe.

When we put the entrance set and the deadbolt together we have what is called a combination set. They work off exactly the same key. So you have the flexibility to walk in and out of your home when you want and the door is latched while you are in the house, but when you want the added security, whether it is at night time, or when you are out, simply throw the bolt. Combination sets are available in a range of finishes, styles and quality depending on the type of use and the weather environment.

The other type of locking mechanism is called a mortise lock.

What we are talking about here is the mechanism on the inside of the door, the handle itself is interchangeable with a wide variety of styles. It’s a double cylinder mortise lock, again with a keyhole on both sides, so if someone does come in through the window they cannot take anything out through that door, unless they have a key. If you turn it once, it will snib and lock, turn it twice and you have extra length and purchase into the door frame making it stronger. To unlock simply turn the key back and now as you can see as I turn the key a third time, it actually operates the latch, so if you come home with you hands full of shopping or bags, you can unlock and open the door without touching the handle. A full range of lever handle sets are available to go with the mortise, but this is a very good mechanism and you cannot lock yourself out with a mortise lock you must have the key to lock it behind you. If you would rather a turn snib on the inside rather than using a key, then these are also available for you to purchase.

The other style of handle that is becoming more and more popular is the stainless steel pull handles which are used together with a roller mortise lock. The handle sits on both the inside and outside of the door to open and close. The roller mortise has a spring latch that rolls into the door frame and keep the door from opening in the wind. It locks in the same manor as our standard mortise lock.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing an entrance set, is that it’s always good to check the space between the face of the door and the screen door if there is one. Some handles will stick out too far and hit the screen door, stopping it from closing.

Interior/Internal Sets

Now let’s talk about your internal door handles.

There are two main options; the first is called a passage set, used to latch hallway doors, bedroom doors, really any room where privacy isn’t an issue.

The other type is a privacy set, privacy sets are used in a master bedrooms or bathrooms where you don’t want people to walk in unannounced. They are available with a turn snib or push button to lock and have an emergency release should someone get into trouble on the inside the room.

So when is comes down to it, whether your choosing an outside lock or an internal handle, it’s really the choice of knob or lever, colour, quality and what they are made from. There is a full range on display in the showroom, so once you have chosen your door, it is best to speak with one of our consultants, to work out which handle is right for you.

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