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What Is The Most Secure Front Door For Your Home?

Your front door is your home’s welcome mat for you and your guests alike, but it is also your family’s first line of defence against both unwanted visitors and the elements. When choosing the right front door, you want something that’s in-keeping with the style of your home and that makes a warm and welcoming statement, but the question of security should also be high on your agenda. Here at Doors Plus, we have a wide range of secure and stylish front door options, as well as some unique solutions to give you ultimate peace of mind.

Solid Timber

Our solid timber external doors are a popular choice for their combination of resilience and class. You can choose from multiple designs, including the option of raised moulding, for stately hinged doors with character and charm. You can also opt for different configurations which include double doors, optional side panels or wider doors for oversized openings.

What Is The Most Secure Front Door For Your Home

Crucially, our solid wood doors are made from high quality Pacific Ash timber and are constructed for superior strength and durability. If you choose to combine solid wood doors with glazed side panels you get the added benefit of natural light in your hallway, as well as the security of being able to check who’s outside before opening your door. With a selection of entrance handles, combo sets and pull handles you can finish your doors for both style and security.

What Is The Most Secure Front Door For Your Home

ClimActive Fiberglass

Similarly, our exclusive CimActive doors are contemporary and sleek but also highly functional, putting your family’s security first. Made from durable fiberglass, they may be a more economical choice than solid timber, but they are uncompromising when it comes to standing up against extreme weather conditions and dramatic temperature fluctuations, as well as everyday use, wear and tear. With ClimActive, you can be confident that your front door is able to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

What Is The Most Secure Front Door For Your Home What Is The Most Secure Front Door For Your Home

Security Screens

For that extra level of security and peace of mind, we also offer custom made, modern and subtle security screens that can be Installed to you front entry. The aluminum frame houses a 316 Marine-grade stainless steel mesh, which is proven to withstand impact, cutting and tampering and is anti-corrosive in the face of the elements.

What Is The Most Secure Front Door For Your Home What Is The Most Secure Front Door For Your Home

A certified security screen allows you to check who is there before unlocking the door, as well as guarding your home from intruders while you’re out and about. They also help to keep out bugs and dust, even when your door is open, so you can enjoy the view and the fresh air without compromising on your security.

Your Ultimate Guardian

Our most innovative front door solution, though, for both contemporary style and outstanding security, is our revolutionary Guardian 2 in 1 range. Combining a modern and tasteful front door with a built-in safety screen, a Guardian 2 in 1 front door gives you ultimate convenience, flexibility and assists in keeping your family safe. Know that your house is always protected, without the extra step of having to open and close a screen door every time you come home – especially when your hands are full!

What Is The Most Secure Front Door For Your Home

You can choose from a solid timber frame or HMR skin, with a translucent panel of Doors Plus SafeGlass™ and an integrated stainless-steel mesh screen. SafeGlass™ is exceptionally strong and durable to withstand impact and tampering, and doesn’t shatter if broken, and the Marine-grade 316 stainless steel offers great protection.

Our Guardian 2 in 1 front doors combine all the benefits of a solid external door with the added safety and flexibility of a screen door. Dual magnetic flexible seals mean that your door is sealed against both water and draughts, and the water shed bar repels water from pooling around the base. At the same time, you still have the option of opening your glass panels to let in the light and breeze, while keeping the door and screen locked in place.

What Is The Most Secure Front Door For Your Home

There are plenty of style and design options, too, so you can enjoy the Guardian 2 in 1 entry door without compromising on the aesthetics of your home. You can choose single or double doors, with either partial or full glass panels, and they can be stained, painted white, or pre-primed and ready to be painted in the colour of your choice.

What Is The Most Secure Front Door For Your Home

The Doors Plus Promise

Security is all about peace of mind, so that you and your family can enjoy your home and get on with your lives, without worry or fuss. Whichever front door you choose, we can measure, make and install it for you, so that you can be confident that it is constructed to the highest quality and expertly fitted.

Deciding on the most secure front door for your home is not something to be taken lightly. To find out more about your options, and to be sure that you’re making the best choice for you and your family, visit your local Doors Plus showroom and let one of our specialists talk you through our exclusive ranges.

What Is The Most Secure Front Door For Your Home

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