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How Tall Is a Standard Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors are a classic choice for patio, decking or garden doors, but they are also increasingly popular as an elegant solution throughout the home. A sliding door can be a stylish and contemporary way to separate living areas, while glass helps to maintain a flow of light and connection between spaces.

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When preparing for a home improvement, many homeowners ask us, how tall is a standard sliding glass door? Here, we’ll explore everything you need to know about sizing up the height of your space, from how tall is a sliding glass patio door to what is the height of a standard sliding glass door for connecting living spaces within your home.

What Are The Standard Sizes of Sliding Doors?

External Patio Doors

For external sliding glass doors, the question of what is the standard size of a patio door depends on how many panels are combined in a single unit. At Doors Plus, our sliding patio doors combine 2-4 panels, with a height of 2100-2400mm. Both our Bona Vista aluminium and glass sliding doors and our Panoramic timber and glass doors are made to measure and installed for you.

Standard Internal Doors

Any of our standard Doors Plus internal doors can be installed as sliding doors, with a wall track, and many can be combined with the stylish Glengary tracking system for an added touch of style. The most common height for our internal doors is 2040mm tall, but 2120 and 2340mm are also standard.

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Zone Living Internal Doors

Our revolutionary Zone Living collection combines timber or aluminium frames with clear or translucent glass. These innovative “moveable walls” are made-to-measure for your space, with a height of up to 2400mm. So if you have high ceilings and are wondering, how tall is a standard sliding glass door, we can custom make your doors to be taller than the standard 2040mm.

Sliding Door Height FAQs

  • What is the maximum height for a sliding glass door?

The maximum height of our standard internal glass door ranges is 2340mm, and these can be hung on a track as a sliding door. However, for both external and internal sliding glass doors, we offer custom made doors up to 2400mm tall.

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  • What is the minimum height for patio doors?

The minimum height for sliding patio doors is 2100mm. You can combine 2-4 panels to fit your width.

  • How much wall do I need to cut to fit a sliding glass door?

This will depend on whether you are installing single, double or multiple sliding glass panels. It’s also important to think about whether the sliding door(s) will be installed on a track and slide flush against the wall when open, or whether you are installing a complete unit of sliding and fixed panels within a frame. Learn more about how to frame a sliding glass door.

  • How do I measure the right height for a sliding glass door?

If you are measuring for single or double sliding doors that hang from a track, you will need to measure from just above the opening (where the track will be installed) down to the floor level – but be sure to allow clearance for carpets or other flooring. If you have an existing sliding door, you may need to remove that first to get an accurate measurement. Find out how to take sliding doors off and how to get a sliding door back on track. For external patio doors, the doors will be supplied as a unit so you will need to factor in the frame. At Doors Plus, we can measure and install your doors for you so you can be sure of a professional fit.

Do You Need Help Choosing The Right Sliding Glass Door Size?

So how tall is a standard sliding glass door? 2040, 2120 or 2340mm, or they can be made-to-measure up to 2400mm. Whatever your space and requirements, there is a huge range of material, finish, style and configuration options to discover at your nearest Doors Plus showroom.

Whether you want to know more about the cost of sliding glass doors, or need some expert advice about the best option for your home, our door specialists are always happy to help. You can also check out our top tips on how to refresh the look of your existing sliding glass doors.

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