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Open plan living is a great way to maximise your living space and the flow of light around your home, and is ideal for integrated family life and entertaining, but it can make it difficult to have a moment of peace and privacy, and there are also practical challenges when it comes to heating and cooling large open spaces.

That’s why, at Doors Plus, we are leading the Zone Living revolution! We have developed a range of innovative folding, stacking, sliding and hinged doors that allow you to divide up your open plan living space into smaller functional zones whenever you choose. The combination of sleek aluminium and toughened glass makes for a solution that is both practical, durable and effortlessly stylish, additionally timber and composite options too to match your internal style.

There is a huge range of options to choose from, to suit any space and configuration, and your doors are custom made to fit your home. You can choose the design and finish that complements your décor, and optional double glazing with some designs for enhanced temperature and noise control. Join the Zone Living revolution today!

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Contemporary style for flexible living

Our innovative Zone Living collection is set to transform the way you use and enjoy your living space. These hinged, sliding, folding or stacking doors allow you to install floor to ceiling movable walls between living areas. A revolutionary addition to the modern family home, the sleek and contemporary aluminium frames can be finished in grey, white or woodgrain.

Zones for flexibility, peace & comfort

With the aluminium frames and double glazed glass panels of our Zone Living range, you can create your own zones of calm, focus or privacy throughout your home. Double glazing reduces noise transference between spaces, giving you more usable living and working areas for the whole family to enjoy. It also helps with thermal insulation, keeping your living zones comfortable all year round.


Practical innovation that looks the part

Our aluminium hinged, sliding, folding or stacking doors offer a unique combination of practicality and style. Not only are they a revolution in flexible open plan living, but they are also a chic and contemporary addition to your interior scheme. Choose from 7 different panels designs, with a metal tone, woodgrain or white finish to complement your tastes and décor.

Minimalist style, maximum performance

We also offer our exclusive Zone Living doors in the minimalist Shaker style. If you like the clean lines and subtle aesthetic of the Shaker series, and want to achieve a consistent look and feel from room to room, you can choose sliding, stacking or folding doors in this understated and versatile design. Available in selected stores.


Your private Shaker zone

Our Shaker Zone Living doors in timber or MDF include solid panel options for maximum privacy. These unobtrusive doors allow you to close off an area of your living space and enjoy some peace and quiet, free from distraction. Your folding, sliding or stacking doors are sold as a complete unit and you can combine multiple sets to fit your opening. Available in selected stores.

The finishing touch

The Shaker Zone Living doors are available in either MDF or timber, with a choice of finishes to suit your personal tastes and the style of your home. MDF can be painted white, or pre-primed for you to paint in the colour of your choice. Timber doors can be stained in our light or dark maple stain, painted white, or left raw for you to stamp your own mark. Available in selected stores.


Shake things up with glass

Adding glass or mirrored panels to your Shaker Zone doors is a great way of giving this subtle, minimalist style an extra lift. We offer several different mirrored or glazed designs, and this simple touch can help your rooms feel bigger and brighter. Mirrored panels are also a popular choice for Shaker Zone wardrobe doors, giving you a chance to check your look without a freestanding mirror that takes up space in your room. Available in selected stores.

Making your space work for everyone

Open plan can be great for sociable living and hosting guests but there are also times when you might need spaces for multiple different activities going on around the home. Our Zone Living collection gives you the best of both worlds! Whether you choose aluminium frames or Shaker style doors, these folding, sliding or stacking panels allow you to close off smaller areas for privacy or focus, as and when it suits you. Available in selected stores.


Warm up or keep your cool

Zoning off smaller areas around your home makes it easier and more efficient to control the temperature all year round. Rather than having to heat or cool your entire open plan space, our Zone Living solutions allow you to create comfortable living areas, with folding, sliding or stacking doors and double glazed panels. This not only gives you more control but can also save you money on your energy bills.


  • Hinged
  • Bi-Fold
  • Sliding
  • Stacking
  • French style
  • Double or multiple panels
  • Wide range of designs and styles
  • Single or double glazing
  • Made to measure
  • Choice of finishes options across composite, timber and aluminium options

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Front Door and French Doors Review

The quality of the products that we have got from Doors Plus has been fantastic. We are so thrilled with the results and we think that they have just added so much character to our home.

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– Eleanor Pendleton


Always Going To Be Hamptons

I can’t tell you how happy I am. It’s absolutely awesome…I got that Hamptons look that I was trying to achieve, with no fuss whatsoever.

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– Adam and Vicky


Front Door Review

The sales were pleasant and nice people to work with. Until they finished, they washed up and vacuumed, and they’re the best traders I’ve ever had in this house. I can truly vouch for the jingle of Doors Plus No Fuss.

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– Jac’y S


Guardian 2 in 1 Review

Everything went smoothly from 1 on 1 consultation to M&Q, our doors were ready in a few weeks. I was very pleased with the change in look it brought to my home, receiving complements and inquiries from visitors and neighbors.

blank blank blank blank blank

– Kelly M


Wide Door Review

The new door installation has just totally transformed the look of the house and I’m really, really pleased with it.

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– Annette


Barn Door Review

It’s just a really beautiful feature piece for the room. Absolutely stunning!

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– Rachel D


One Stop Shop Review

The installation was flawless and the work that was completed in a single day was blown away. On the single Doors Plus roof, we worked it all out.

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– Steve H


Laundry & Patio Doors Review

What I loved about Doors Plus is they did all the measuring, painting, delivery and installation which was very easy and professional. The Tradesman was on time and tidy, which was a bonus.

blank blank blank blank blank

– Kate S


Wide door & UltraSafe Security Screen Door Review

I have had one of the best experience with Doors Plus. Very happy with my big timber door and UltraSafe screen door.

blank blank blank blank blank

– Penny


Guardian 2 in 1 Entry Door Review

Every single time we’ve worked with Doors Plus we’ve had exceptional service in the showroom and in home during the installation, and we’ve never had any problem – the whole process is just no fuss!

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– Kelly M


Outdoor Bifold Panoramic Door Review

I could not be happier. I mean, I knew that the Panoramic Bifolds would look great, but just the amount of light and how much of the back yard I can see is incredible.

blank blank blank blank blank

– Sarita and Brodie


Guardian 2 in 1 Door Review

From going into the store, choosing the door, to them letting us have what we wanted, panting it ourselves… It was the best decision. It was seriously no fuss.

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– Megan & Mark


The Zone Living product range is exclusive to Doors Plus. These doors are custom made to suit any sized opening up to 7200 mm wide and up to 2700 mm high. There is a variety of configurations available, from sliding, stacking, folding and hinged panels, which allow you to close off areas of an open plan space to create separate living zones when it suits you.

Internal Zone Living doors are either supplied with a powder coated aluminum frame, in a range of finish options, with double glazed glass panels, or you can choose solid joinery Shaker style timber doors, with either solid panels, glass panels, or mirrored options. Timber doors can be painted white, stained in our signature dark maple stain, or stained in a smooth light maple.

There is a wide range of configurations available, depending on your preference and your opening, including sliding, stacking, folding and hinged panels.

Zone Living doors give you complete flexibility in how you use your open plan space, allowing you to create separate living areas when it suits you. Zoning off smaller areas also helps with heating, cooling and sound insulation, giving you greater control over your living environment. There is plenty of choice when it comes to style, configuration and finish, and these doors are custom made to fit your space.

Zone Living doors can be installed in all areas of the home, from bedrooms and living areas to office spaces and media rooms. They work well as wardrobe doors, and also offer excellent flexibility when installed as wall to wall room dividers in open plan spaces.


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