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Unique Doors For Inside and Out


At Doors Plus, we understand that every home and every homeowner is different. We all have our own priorities and preferences – especially when it comes to the ins and outs of our houses.

That’s why we offer some unique door solutions that go above and beyond. Through a combination of quality materials and craftsmanship, advanced technology, and innovative design, we have created several door ranges that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Whether you’re thinking about new front doors, robust security doors, practical bathroom doors or stylish wardrobe doors, we have a selection of unique and amazing doors that will leave you spoilt for choice.

Performance & Style in One

Our Guardian 2in1 external doors are an exclusive entry door and screen door solution for front and back doors, or external laundry or side doors. Two doors in one!

A translucent panel of exclusive Doors Plus SafeGlass™ is housed within the door, behind an integrated stainless steel mesh screen.

This means you can open the glass window without opening the door itself, letting in the breeze while the screen stays in place, keeping bugs out, intruders out and fresh air and light in.

double guardian 2 in 1 entry doors with internal glass panels open

This unique entry door also allows you to see who’s outside before you open the door, for safety and peace of mind.

The integrated screen is a revolution in screen door convenience as there’s no need to wrestle with a separate screen door when your hands are full.

These innovative external doors are available in either solid timber or a composite MDF with a HMR Skin (high moisture resistant), and there is a range of designs available – from full length glass panels to a single, smaller window.

guardian 2 in 1 timber door with matching sidepanel stained in signature dark maple stain

Depending on your doorway, you can choose single or double Guardian doors, with optional side panels. You can even match other door designs with the Guardian 2 in 1 side panels depending on your personal preferences.

Your Guardian 2 in 1 doors can be painted white or finished with our signature dark maple stain for the timber version, or we can supply them raw ready to be sealed, undercoated and painted in the colour of your choice.

Guardian 2 in 1 modern door painted pink by one of doors plus customers

All of that to say – there’s no style compromise! These 2in1 entry and screen doors can look the part while also ticking the boxes for function and safety.

For unique front doors, or external doors around your home, that can keep your family safe, our Guardian doors have got you covered.

With some designs, you even have the option of an integrated pet door, so your furry friends can come and go, while the door is still locked.

guardian 2 in 1 door for laundry installed with pet door dog walking towards pet access door

Interesting Doorways With a Venetian Twist

We pride ourselves on paying attention to how homeowners and families use their rooms and designing unique doors that have the power to uplift a space and make life easier at the same time.

Our Harmony range of external doors is a perfect example of this, with a built-in Venetian blind between two panels of Doors Plus SafeGlass.


Magnetic strips on either side of the panel are an elegant alternative to clumsy cords, allowing you to lift, lower or tilt the blind to control the amount of light and privacy.

The sealed glass unit also means there’s no need to dust – win win!

These versatile external doors are particularly ideal as external laundry doors or rear entrance doors with limited light flow.

They can also be incorporated into our panoramic al fresco doors that lead out onto a patio or decking area, for unique doorways that are both practical and stylish.

panoramic timber bifold door with inbuilt venetian blinds in the door for alfresco area

You can choose a full or half panel blind, and these unusual doors are available in multiple materials and finishes so that you can find the look that suits your home and budget.

Whether you choose hollowcore doors with a primed HMR skin, or solid timber with a dark maple stain, you will love the effortless style and convenient flexibility of these unique doors.

guardian 2 in 1 entry door with venetian sidepanels

A Reflection of Your Personal Style

For unusual doors that are both stylish and highly practical, we offer a Reflections collection of mirrored doors in a wide range of designs and configurations.

Mirrored panels can be incorporated into many of our internal door styles, and you can choose half or full mirrors on one or both faces of the door.

This works particularly well with the understated and versatile Shaker design, but you can choose a modern or traditional style that suits your home with both style and budget.double shaker style interior doors with mirror panels on oneside showring reflection in bedroom

Mirrors add interest to your doors, and also reflect light around your room to lift and brighten smaller spaces, so these amazing doors actually have the power to make your rooms feel bigger!

And of course, they also serve a practical function on a daily basis – especially for wardrobes and bathrooms.

under stairs wardrobe shaker style door with mirror panel on one side

Whether you’re going for traditional elegance or a sleek, modern look, mirrored panels are a simple, smart and stylish addition to any décor.

These unique doors can’t help but turn heads.

Exclusive New York Chic

As well as timeless and versatile doors that can slot seamlessly into any home, we also take great pride in designing unique doors and interesting doorways that can set the tone for your entire home style. Our New Yorker collection does just that.

These amazing doors exude the luxury of Downtown Manhattan and the distinctive chic of a New York apartment.

New Yorker internal doors by doors plus - bedroom

The three-step layered design, with square lines and raised moulding, is exclusive to Doors Plus and reflects an authentic art deco feel around the home.

There is a choice of designs and sizes, including single and double openings, and you can even combine New Yorker doors on a sliding track for a set of iconic barn style doors.

We also offer options for unique doorways that are extra tall or wide. Your solid panelled doors can be painted white, for a sleek, clean and contemporary look, or pre-primed to be painted in the colour of your choice by your preferred painter.

That way, you really can make these stunning feature doors your own.

New Yorker internal doors by doors plus - lounge room

Your Home, Your Doors – Be Unique

With all of these amazing doors on offer – and a whole lot more to discover at your nearest showroom – there’s no excuse for just following the crowd!

At Doors Plus, it’s our mission to create interesting doorways that enhance your home, and unique entry doors that combine performance with curb appeal.

We can help you realise your vision with versatile collections that are made with you and your family in mind – from design and construction to finishing touches.

Your home should reflect your personality and your lifestyle, so it’s only right that your doors are as unique and individual as you are.

Find your local showroom today and unlock a world of possibilities.

doors plus customer in 1 on 1 consultation with doors plus sales consultant

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