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When choosing new laundry doors, functionality is high on the list of priorities, but replacing your laundry door is also an opportunity to refresh the style of your door – inside and out – and uplift the entire space. A laundry can often be a fairly small, dark area, so choosing a door with one or more glass panes is a great way of inviting more natural light into your space and making it feel bigger and brighter.

We have several external door ranges that are ideal for laundry entrances, combining durability and convenience with a touch of style. You can choose a timber door or a solid construction with a primed HMR skin, for extra resilience, and incorporate clear, translucent or decorative Insulsafe™ glass. We have a wide selection of designs, from sleek and modern to elegant and traditional, so it’s easy to find something that’s in-keeping with the style and architecture of your home.

We also have an exclusive Harmony Venetian door, with an integrated Venetian blind, which is ideal for uplifting your laundry space with sunlight, or closing the blind for more privacy. This is a convenient, practical and easy to clean solution, without compromising on style.

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Practical, stylish & up to task

Our Bona Vista hinged door is an excellent choice for laundry access as the aluminium frame is ideal for wet or high moisture areas. Resilient and durable, the aluminium can be finished in one of 4 contemporary colours, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality. With clear or translucent laminated glass, the window lets in plenty of natural light to brighten up your laundry area, while also keeping your home secure.

Standing strong, whatever the weather

For laundry access doors that are exposed to the elements and need to be able to stand up for themselves all year round, our ClimActive range of fibreglass doors can’t be beaten. The polyurethane core provides outstanding insulation, while the fibreglass skin and anti-rot bottom rail prevent warping, splitting or peeling. You can choose a range of designs and glazing options.


A rock solid choice

Our solid core blockboard doors are an economical yet strong and sturdy choice for your laundry access door. A Duracote high moisture resistant skin option also makes them extra resilient to weather conditions. Your doors are easy to paint in the colour of your choice, so that you can style them to match your home and fit right in.

Get the job done in style

For access doors that let plenty of natural light into your laundry, making the area feel more spacious and airy, our Claremont range of glazed French-style doors combines chic design with practical performance. Choose our classic 9 or 10 lite designs, or a single panel of glass with clear, translucent or InsulSafe decorative glass.


An all in one solution

Combining an access door and security screen in one, our innovative Guardian 2in1 range is available in either timber or composite options. The integrated stainless steel mesh gives you enhanced security at your laundry access point, letting you open up the window to let moisture escape and air circulate, without leaving your home vulnerable. You can also incorporate a pet door on selected designs for your four-legged friends.

Style & convenience in harmony

The Harmony door incorporates a Venetian blind between two panels of clear SafeGlass, giving you the flexibility to control the light and privacy in your laundry area. The clear double glazing provides excellent insulation whilst the blind can be easily lifted, lowered or tilted. Best of all, as the blind is sealed within the clear glass unit, it never needs dusting!


Light, bright & versatile

Our Regent range is one of our most versatile collections, with everything from traditional square routed designs to a minimalist and contemporary finish. The solid construction and HMR skin makes them a resilient and durable choice for external doors, as well as being more affordable than solid timber, the various glazing options invite an uplifting flow of natural light into your laundry area.

Practical & resilient – simple as that

For solid blockboard core or hollow honeycomb options that make for simple yet resilient laundry access doors, our Clifton range is a popular choice. These doors include a panel of clear or translucent glass to create a light and airy laundry area, you can choose a half glazed or one-third glazed design. The high moisture resistant skin gives these doors their edge when it comes to areas that are exposed to the elements.



  • Timber, or solid construction with HMR skin
  • Single or double
  • Clear, translucent or decorative Insulsafe™ glazing options
  • Choice of painting and staining finishes
  • Wide range of traditional and contemporary styles

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The most common height for a laundry door is 2040 mm, while the standard widths are 820, 870 and 920 mm. Our Clifton range is particularly suited to laundry doors as they are simple yet resilient, and include a glazed panel to let in extra light. These are available in 2040x820 and 2040x870 mm, and you can choose either a half glazed or third glazed option. The Guardian 2in1 is also well suited to laundry entrances as you have the option of opening up the glass panel to let the hot air escape. These come in 2040x820 mm. Our exclusive Harmony range is an especially practical and versatile choice for laundry doors as they incorporate a Venetian blind within two panes of clear SafeGlass, so you can adjust the light and control your privacy. These are available in a wide range of sizes, from 405 to 870 mm, and in two different heights: 2040 and 2120 mm.

Yes, ranges such as the Clifton external doors include the option of a pet door, so that your four-legged friends can come and go. Our Guardian 2in1 solution is an exceptionally secure laundry door option, with an integrated security screen and optional pet door, so you can give your pets access without compromising on security.

Laundry doors can be made from solid timber, solid composite construction or fibreglass, and incorporating glazing is a good way of letting natural light into a smaller, darker, laundry area. As external entrances, laundry doors should be made from a solid, robust material that will protect your home against the elements and against intruders. We use Pacific Ash solid timber for our solid wood laundry doors, such as the Arcadia and Balmain collections, because it is a stable and robust material, but it also offers plenty of choice when it comes to the design and finish.
We also have a wide choice of solid composite doors, such as the Regent and Torrens ranges, which come with a primed high moisture resistant skin for excellent robustness and protection against the elements. Our exclusive ClimActive doors are made from a polyurethane core and a fibreglass skin for the ultimate in resilience, insulation and durability, while the innovative Guardian 2in1 security door incorporates either timber or an HMR skin with marine grade 316 stainless steel and Doors Plus SafeGlass.
Our Claremont French doors in single lite and ten lite designs combine Pacific Ash timber with glass to let plenty of light into your laundry area so that it feels bigger, brighter and more airy. The Harmony range, with integrated Venetian blind, allows you to control the light and privacy in your laundry room, using SafeGlass for added safety, security and durability.
There is a wide range of designs, finishes and glazing options to choose from so, whatever material you go for, you can find the right laundry door for you at Doors Plus.

An external laundry door, leading from your laundry room to the outside, should be 40 mm thick and made from a solid construction because it is an external entrance to your home and is exposed to the elements.
An internal laundry door, connecting your laundry room to the kitchen or living area, can be 35 mm thick and made from a more lightweight material because security and resilience are less of a concern for internal doors. Laundries can be noisy, however, so you may want to consider an option like our Vogue range for your interior connecting doors. The thick skin offers better sound reducing qualities, compared to a hollow core door, for a more peaceful living environment.

For both internal and external laundry doors, incorporating glass is a great way of inviting a flow of light into an area of your home that is often smaller and darker. We have a range of glazing options and styles to choose from, including clear, frosted, double glazed and SafeGlass.
Our Harmony range incorporates a Venetian blind between two panels of SafeGlass, giving you the option of natural light in your laundry area, with the flexibility of privacy when you want it. The Claremont collection combines timber and glass in a wide range of designs, while our Clifton composite doors are a great solution for your laundry as you can choose a half glazed or third glazed option and can incorporate a pet door. Our Guardian 2in1 integrated screen door gives you the benefit of being able to open the window - for a flow of light and air into your laundry room - without compromising on security as the steel mesh screen remains in place.

As well as our large collection of standard sized doors, we offer a range of external and internal doors that can be custom made in sizes up to 2400x1200 mm. All of our solid timber products can be trimmed up to 20 mm off each edge, which gives a good amount of scope to adjust our standard doors to fit your existing doorways.
You may also like to consider our hinged doors, which are measured, made and installed to suit openings up to 2700 mm high and 1000 mm wide. The Bona Vista panel is double glazed and comes in a range of designs, with either obscure or clear glass. The slimline aluminium frame is available in 4 different finish options and is suitable for wet areas, such as laundries. If the framework is integrated and you also need to replace your window, the Bona Vista aluminium door and sash window combo is a harmony of style and performance.

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