Mortice Locks


Multi-level security for your home

A multi-mortice lock combines the retracting latch that allows you to open and close the door using the handle, with a deadbolt for securely locking the door with a key. For added security and convenience, the multi-mortice also includes a snib deadbolt that can be turned from inside the house to lock the door without a key. The keyed deadbolt has the extra benefit of being a double throw deadbolt, so when you turn the key full circle the deadbolt goes into the striker plate about 30mm on the first turn and then 50mm on the second, making it even more secure and stable. This gives you complete peace of mind, from inside and out.

Standard mortice security & convenience

A standard mortice is the lock that we install with a long plate handle. It features the latch for operating the door with the handle, and a keyed deadbolt locking mechanism. When you unlock the door, the first and second turns of the key retract the bolt from the framework, but if you turn the key a third time this will also retract the main handle latch so that you can push the door open with one hand. This is practical home security that just makes sense.


Mortice locks on a roll

We also offer the standard mortice lock with a roller instead of a latch. If you have a pull handle on your door there is no lever to operate the latch, so instead the roller simply rolls over the snib to open. You can still bolt the door closed for maximum home safety, with the enhanced security of the double throw deadbolt.


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