Architraves & Mouldings


Finishing touches to complete the look

For a neat and fully finished frame, some additional timber pieces may be needed. We offer a range of timber products, including quad, cover strips, mullion strips and windmould, all of which are available raw, stained or painted white to match your door.

A stop instead of a rebate

We can install a mushroom stop onto the fixed door in a set of double doors so that they sit flush when closed, rather than rebating. A rebate requires cutting into a door, which may affect its structural integrity and make it weaker against intruders, so the TMould or mushroom stop avoids this.


Tidy up around the edges

Architraves are used to finish off the surrounds of the door frame and tidy the edges. We have a wide range of architrave designs to suit your door style and your home, from a simple bullnose design to a decorative colonial architrave. Choose from 2”, 3” or 4” widths, as well as a range of lengths and finishes, including raw, dark maple stain and painted white.


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