During the hot summer months these non insulated doors trap heat, leading to an overheated room that is too uncomfortable to be in without turning on the air conditioning. Similarly, in winter it lets in icy cool draughts which draw heat from the house. This results in a cold room and streams of condensation running down the panes.

Modern glass doors with double and triple glazing protect you from excessive heat and cold and ensure that you feel comfortable and productive in your space. Their acoustic insulation properties protect you from external noise which helps concentration, helps you sleep better and reduces stress.

InsulSafe™ is made with Doors Plus Safe Glass™. This means that it is stronger, safer and more secure than similar solutions from other glass suppliers. With a triple glazing of decorative zinc, lead or brass panels in a sealed double-glazed unit, we’re able to include a design component that is protected by layers of glazing. This guarantees a stylish door that enhances your home and provides a number of benefits.


  • Reduced energy bills: InsulSafe™ doors maximise your energy efficiency and minimise your costs by insulating your room from weather conditions outside. It is thermally efficient and provides a barrier to heat/cold transference.
  • Increased sound control: Due to its triple glazing, InsulSafe™ has excellent noise reduction properties. This ensures that outside sounds stay where they belong and gives you the comfort of a quiet home.
  • Enhanced security: It’s extra pane of Doors Plus SafeGlass™ makes this stronger than any other glass door solution in the market. This provides greater security and keeps you and your family safe and secure.
  • Reduced maintenance and replacement costs: The glass is easily cleaned and maintained by wiping the smooth surface with a damp cloth. It is weather-resistant and will not rot or decay when exposed to the elements. Its strength and durability mean it will last the lifespan of your home, thus eliminating the cost of replacement.

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