Solid Timber with Glass External Sliding & Stacking Doors

Particularly wide or wall to wall external openings demand special care and attention. As well as the practical considerations, for such a dominant space you will need to think carefully about your stylistic choices. Our solid timber sliding and stacking doors are a flawless combination of creative problem-solving and exquisite design.

The stylish timber and glass panels glide or stack neatly to one side, while you enjoy the fresh air, freedom and flexibility of al fresco living. With expansive clear glass panels, you can bask in natural light and uninterrupted vistas, even with the doors closed. Optional double-glazing also offers superior noise and heat insulation, which is great for a peaceful living environment, not to mention your energy bills.

We use only the highest quality of timber for our external doors, with a stability and resilience that will prevent any premature cracking or warping. Your timber frames can be painted white, or stained to bring out the character of the natural grain. This practical yet stunning external door solution maximises your space, light, views and versatility, and is sure to be the talking point of your next gathering!

Benefits & Features
  • Practical, space-saving design
  • Ideal for wide openings
  • Optional bug or security screen
  • 100% Pacific Ash timber
  • Hard-wearing SafeGlass™

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External Sliding & Stacking Doors

For external doors with the power to revolutionise both your living space and your lifestyle, our extensive collection of nimble sliding and stacking solutions is the obvious choice. These ingenious, space-saving designs have become a popular addition to many contemporary homes because of their impressive capacity to open up an interior, and unite your inside and outside spaces.

Our external sliding and stacking doors are ideal for larger spaces or wall to wall doors. For wide doorways, leading out onto a porch or balcony for example, a sliding or stacking door is both a chic and stunning addition, and a convenient solution. Our doors can slide or stack to the left or right, or on both sides for wide openings. This shrewd design preserves your internal space, even when the doors are fully open.

These striking external doors are available in aluminium or timber, with a range of colour, paint or stain options, to suit your décor. You can also choose to add built-in Venetian blinds into the SafeGlass™ panels, for another level of elegance and privacy, a bug screen, or a security screen for that extra peace of mind.

Benefits & Features
  • Practical, space-saving design
  • Ideal for wide openings
  • Optional bug or security screen
  • 100% Pacific Ash timber
  • Hard-wearing SafeGlass™
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