Internal Sliding Doors

Stylish sliding doors are an excellent alternative to the traditional hinged design when it comes to narrow openings or hallways in your home, but they can also make a stunning decorative feature when used to separate larger, open plan spaces. Our vast range of materials and styles offers the whole spectrum of practicality and artistry.

Perfect for separating off different areas of your home without encroaching on your living space, these doors slide to the left or right rather than swinging into the room. Your door panels can even slide into the wall cavity, to be completely tucked away when not in use. This innovative design gives you the flexibility of an open plan feel, while allowing you to instantly close off an area when you want some privacy.

Available in solid timber or composite, with optional glass panelling, you can choose a design that is understated enough to assimilate into your décor and look like it’s always been there, or eye-catching and majestic as a design feature in its own right.

Benefits & Features
  • Practical, space-saving design
  • Perfect for narrow or restricted spaces
  • Left or right sliding
  • A variety of styles, from simple to elegant
  • Available in solid timber or composite, with or without glass
The Doors Plus Difference
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