Zone Living Solutions

Keep that open look and feel that you love and create a flexible and more convenient living area in your home with Zone Living from Doors Plus. See the extensive Zone Living displays at your nearest showroom and ask for a FREE Measure & Quote.

Features & Benefits

  • Control Heating & Cooling
  • Reduce Noise
  • Create More Usable Space
  • Increase Privacy
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Custom Fit to Any Opening

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Zone Living Systems

Open plan living is a great way to maximise space and allow for a natural flow of light and energy though your home. It is characterised by undivided open rooms that combine living, dining and kitchen areas in one large space, separated only by open doorways.

However, it comes with a few practical problems. What happens when you want to watch TV when your child is doing homework? Or when you turn on the heating on a cold winter day and it takes forever to get warm because your heater is attempting to heat the entire space instead of just one room?

Enter, Zone Living.

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Create Flexible and Convenient Living Zones in Your Home

Doors Plus’ Zone Living Systems give you the flexibility to create a more comfortable and functional home for your family’s needs. You can choose bi-fold, sliding, stacking or hinged doors, each with a choice of glazing options to divide your large open space into smaller functional zones so that they can be used more effectively.

Each of our Zone Living solutions are custom-made to suit any size or purpose of the room in your home. Zone Living products are suitable for internal use only. Finishing options include white, woodgrain and brushed aluminium.

All door configurations, except those featured in the Slimline range, offer double glazing. Double glazing minimises the amount of heat loss or gain throughout your home, giving you control over the temperature. It also reduces the amount of energy consumption as the area to be heated and cooled are considerably smaller.

The double glazed doors also reduce noise transference which allows for privacy as well as convenience of use.

The Slim Line Zone Living Solution offers a soft-close action to prevent the door from slamming.

When you visit one of our showrooms, you will see this exclusive range in a functional display. Zone living products are measured, made and fitted in you’re your home.
Once you have chosen the door you want, we will arrange for one of our expert staff to provide you with a free measure and quote. The hardware, tracks and handles are all included in the quoted price.

Need more information about our Zone Living Systems?

Visit your nearest showroom and speak with one of our experienced consultants. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have and give you more information.

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