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In a busy family home, your back door can get a lot of action. You need something that can stand up to every day use, and guarantee protection from the elements and unwanted visitors.

But a new back door can also transform the look and feel of the interior living areas at the back of your house, and can change how you use your space. Incorporating glass into your back door is a simple way to refresh and brighten up your living areas, or you might want to go even further and replace your back door with large folding or sliding patio doors.

Whether you just want a robust and resilient back door solution that protects your home from the outside world, day after day, or you’re planning a complete remodel that transforms your outside space into a sociable, al fresco area, we’ve got a collection to suit your home and lifestyle.

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All-around security

Our Guardian 2in1 is an excellent choice for back entrances as it combines an external door and security screen in one. Available in timber or HMR skin options, in a selection of designs, the door includes an integrated stainless steel mesh within a Safeglass panel, so you can open the window without compromising the security of your home. This means you can let in the breeze or check who’s outside without opening the door, for ultimate safety, security and convenience.

Standing up to the challenge

We have a wide selection of solid core doors, with a Duracote high moisture resistant skin. This gives you added security at the back of your home, as well as doors that can stand up to the elements. You can choose from various designs and styles, with full confidence that your doors are up to the task.


Feeling exposed? We’ve got you covered

For back doors that are constantly exposed to the harsh extremes of the Australian climate, it doesn’t get better than our ClimActive range. The latest in fibreglass technology combines with a polyurethane core that expands and contracts with changing temperatures, offering outstanding insulation and durability. Guaranteed not to warp, split or rot, these doors include an anti-rot bottom rail that repels pooling water. Choose from a range of solid and glazed designs.

A harmony of light and privacy

Our Harmony collection is particularly suited to back entrances, allowing you to let in some natural light at the back of your home, while also maintaining your privacy when it suits you. These solid timber or hollow core doors incorporate a Venetian blind between two panes of clear SafeGlass, and you can choose a full or half panel blind.


Keeping it classy

For a traditional back door that lets in the light, we offer the Clifton range of solid blockboard core or hollow honeycomb doors. The Clifton range is finished with a high moisture resistant skin and can be supplied as a half glazed or third glazed door, with clear or translucent glass. For an added benefit to your four legged friends, you can easily incorporate a pet door.

Doors that will fit right in

Our Regent doors will look and feel right in your home, with their effortless and versatile style. Featuring a solid composite construction and high moisture resistant skin they make a great choice for external back doors, optional glass panels allow you to let in some natural light. The smooth high mixture resistant skin is easy to paint in the colour of your choice so that they harmonise with your home style.


Back doors with a panoramic punch

If you’re looking for back doors that will utterly transform the rear of your home and enhance your living space – inside and out – check out our Panoramic range of folding, sliding or stacking timber and glass doors. These stunning al fresco doors invite you to open up your kitchen or living area onto a patio, decking or verandah, or simply enjoy the view and the flood of natural light when your doors are closed.

Sit back and enjoy the vista

Our Bona Vista patio doors offer a revolution in al fresco living and dining, as well as an infusion of chic, contemporary style. The sleek aluminium frames are resilient and durable, and can be finished in either white, black, grey or primrose. Large panels of glass flood your home with natural light, and then simply slide, fold or stack away when you want to open up your space.


Contemporary style, classic performance

For a contemporary take on a classic configuration, look no further than our stunning hinged Bona Vista back doors. They can be installed as single hinged doors, double hinged doors or single doors with a side panel. We can even include an optional sash window to the configuration, which is a great way of inviting more light, as well as infusing your home with contemporary chic. The commercial grade aluminium frames are weather-resistant and easy to maintain, and are available in a choice of four colours.


  • Timber
  • Composite
  • Fibreglass
  • With or without glass
  • Clear, translucent, decorative Insulsafe™, clear double-glazed
  • Single, double or multiple panels
  • Optional matching side panels
  • Choice of painting and staining finishes
  • Wide range of traditional and contemporary styles
  • Some ranges include an optional pet door

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Back doors can come in a variety of heights and widths. The most common heights are 2040 and 2400 mm, while the standard widths are 820, 870, 920,1020 and 1200 mm. For homes built before the 1970s, when Australia was still using the Imperial system for construction, standard door heights were 77’ x 29’ (1960x755 mm). We have both single and double hinged back doors, as well as a range of sliding, stacking or folding al fresco doors in either timber or aluminium. The Panoramic timber doors can reach widths of up to 4580 mm (4 sliding doors), while the Bona Vista aluminium doors can fit entrances as wide as 6400 mm (6 stacking doors).
Doors Plus products can be trimmed down and still remain under warranty, which means they can be retro-fitted into existing framework and even slightly out of square door frames.

Yes, ranges such as the Clifton external doors include the option of a pet door, so that the furry members of your family can come and go as they please. Our Guardian 2in1 solution is an exceptionally secure back door option, with an integrated security screen and optional pet door, so you can give your pets access without compromising on security.

Yes, our back door products can be trimmed down and still remain under warranty, which means they can be retro-fitted into existing framework and even slightly out of square door frames.

This depends on your budget, your style preferences, and the functionality of your back doors. For strong, long-lasting and resilient hinged back doors, our solid wood Arcadia or fibreglass ClimActive ranges are an excellent choice. These come in single or double configurations, with multiple finish and glazing options.
Alternatively, our aluminium Bona Vista range comes in hinged, folding, sliding or stacking configurations so that you can open up your living area onto a patio, verandah or garden at the back. Aluminium is a resilient, sleek and stylish option, and comes in 4 contemporary colours. The clear laminated glass within the aluminium frames floods your space with natural light, while keeping your home secure and well insulated when closed. Similarly, our Panoramic range offers these stunning, versatile al fresco doors with a solid timber frame, in folding, sliding and stacking options.
French glazed doors are also a popular choice for elegant and stylish back doors that open out onto a patio or outdoor dining area. Our Claremont French doors are made from solid timber frames and large glass panels that let plenty of light in, whether you choose a single or double configuration.
When choosing the best material for your back doors, you should consider the style of your home and the look you want to achieve, as well as how you use your space - both inside and out.

The first step is to choose a product that has been specifically designed as an external door, and is therefore 40 mm thick, giving added protection against the outside world. We recommend that external doors are made from a solid construction, whether solid timber, like our Arcadia, Eden and Balmain ranges, or solid composite materials, such as our Regent, Torrens and Clifton options.
Installing the right hardware, such as deadlocks and entrance sets, will also help to keep your back doors more secure and your home protected. Most Doors Plus entrance sets have a double throw deadlock, which means that you turn the key once and the latch inserts about 20 mm into the frame, then you turn the key again and the latch goes even further into the frame, creating a more secure door. Ensuring that your framework is sturdy and in good condition will also enhance your back door security. 
For the ultimate in back door security, our Guardian 2in1 integrated security screen door is an excellent choice. The 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh screen is built into the door, within a panel of SafeGlass. This means you can open the window without leaving your home exposed at the back, and you can also check who’s outside before opening the door. The mesh screen is robust and resilient, and Doors Plus SafeGlass is 500% stronger than ordinary glass.
Whichever back door you choose, you can enhance security by adding an Ultrasafe screen as an extra barrier of protection. The 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh has passed rigorous impact, knife shear and jemmy tests to meet the highest Australian standards, and the triple lock mechanism gives you ultimate peace of mind. Our Ultrasafe screens are available as single or double hinged doors, or in sliding or stacking options.

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