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For garage doors that not only look good, but can stand up to the elements and perform day after day, we have a wide-ranging collection of timber, composite and fibreglass doors to suit every home and lifestyle

For timeless elegance, our timber doors come in a variety of designs and can be finished with a dark maple stain. Composite doors with a primed HMR skin are extra resilient against the elements, and our most durable range is the Climactive collection, using the latest in fibreglass technology to guarantee superior protection from harsh weather conditions.

Many of our garage door solutions can incorporate glazed panels, so you can enjoy a flow of natural light without sacrificing resilience or security. With double-glazing, or our exclusive decorative Insulsafe™ glass, your doors both look the part and keep your home protected, peaceful and comfortable.

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Solid security & resilience

Solid Core blockboard doors give you superior security and peace of mind, particularly if you use your garage to store things like valuable tools, bikes or outdoor equipment. A Duracote high moisture resistant skin also makes these doors a solid option for external garage entry doors that are likely to be exposed to the elements.

Classic & complementary

For a garage entry door that looks right at home, our Balmain range offers a choice of traditional designs to match your existing doors and the style of your home. Crafted from 100% Pacific Ash timber, these elegant doors can also include added moulding options for increased character and classic style.


No stranger to exposure

Our ClimActive collection is designed to actively stand up to the elements, whatever the exposure. With the advanced technology of a fibreglass skin, a polyurethane core and an anti-rot bottom rail, these sleek and resilient doors are guaranteed not to warp, split or rot. There are multiple designs to choose from, including a simple, flat face that is popular for garage doors.

The ultimate garage guardian

The enhanced security and convenience of our exclusive Guardian 2in1 integrated screen door makes it an excellent choice for a garage entry, especially if your garage houses any valuable vehicles or equipment. The stainless steel mesh provides marine grade strength and resilience, and the SafeGlass panel lets in the light and can be opened to allow the breeze to flow through. You can even choose to incorporate a pet door on selected designs so that your furry friends can come and go from the garden.



  • Timber, composite or Fibreglass
  • Single or double
  • Clear, translucent or decorative Insulsafe™ glazing options
  • Choices of a paint or stain finish
  • Wide range of traditional and contemporary styles

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Garage doors can come in a variety of heights and widths. The most common heights are 2040 and 2400 mm, while the standard widths for a single door are 820, 870, 920,1020 and 1200 mm. For homes built before the 1970s, when Australia was still using the Imperial system for construction, standard door heights were 77’ x 29’ (1960x755 mm). Doors Plus garage doors can be trimmed down and still remain under warranty, which means they can be retro-fitted into existing framework and even slightly out of square door frames.

Our ClimActive doors are our most robust and resilient option for garage doors that are exposed to the elements. Combining the latest in fibreglass technology with the outstanding insulation qualities of a polyurethane core, these doors are guaranteed not to warp, split or rot. They even have a moisture-proof bottom rail to repel water and guard against peeling or swelling. The simple, flat design is a popular choice for garage doors. Alternatively, our Guardian, Regent, Torrens, Solid Core and Clifton ranges include products with a Duracote high moisture resistant (HMR) skin, which makes them extra resilient to adverse weather conditions.

For garage entry doors that are exposed to the elements, you need a solid and resilient external door. We have both solid timber (such as the Balmian and Arcadia ranges) or solid composite options. Our Regent and Torrens composite ranges have a high moisture resistant skin, making them extra resilient to adverse weather conditions, or you could choose the Clifton range, with a solid MDF core. Many of these styles also offer the option of glazed panels, which can be a good idea for garage entry doors, to let some light into a darker area of the home.
Our most robust and resilient garage door option is the ClimActive fibreglass door, with a polyurethane core. You could also consider the Harmony door, with integrated Venetian blind, which comes in solid timber or hollow core, with a primed HMR skin. The Guardian 2in1 is another great choice for garage entry doors, made from solid timber or with an HMR skin. This integrated screen door is waterproof and fully insulated against draughts, and you can even incorporate a pet door. When choosing the right material for your garage entry door, you should consider how exposed the entrance is, and your specific priorities.

There are various different positions for a garage entry door, depending on the layout of your home. It could be that you have a door leading from the garage directly into the home. This would usually be an external grade door, but as it’s not actually exposed to the outside world you may not feel you need a screen door in this location - however, it is an option. A more common reason for having a screen door over a garage entry door is if there is an external door that leads into the back yard and you want to enhance security at this point. The main location for a screen door leading from a garage is if the garage is external to the house. Though there may be a roller door for vehicle entry and exit, there may also be a secondary entry point, which could require a screen door. This would be a standard hinged security screen, with a stainless steel mesh. Installing a screen door is a particularly smart idea if you keep your vehicle(s) in your garage, or any expensive tools or machinery. 

Replacing the framework on a garage door would depend on several factors. We would be happy to arrange a site inspection by one of our qualified carpenters to give you a complete and accurate idea of your options. This applies to entry points from the garage into the home, from the garage to the front or back yard, and from a standalone garage that sits exterior to the home. 

Garage entry doors are often exposed to the elements, and excessive moisture can cause certain types of doors to peel or warp over time. For doors that are extra resilient to moisture, it’s best to choose a style that has a primed HMR (high moisture resistant) skin, such as our Regent, Torrens, Guardian or Harmony ranges. The Guardian 2in1 integrated screen door even includes dual magnetic flexible seals to ensure that the door is waterproof. For ultimate protection against the elements, our ClimActive doors are an excellent choice, with a moisture-proof, anti-rot bottom rail that actively repels water to prevent peeling or swelling.

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