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Hinged doors are a classic choice and they work all around the home. Many modern Australian homes now have wider entrances, so a set of double hinged doors might be the ideal solution for a dramatic and stylish statement. You can choose from a range of materials, including composite, timber and fibreglass, to suit your tastes and your budget.

A beautiful set of double doors at the front of your house can make for a grand and welcoming entrance, and is sure to add some eye-catching curb appeal. Whether at the front, side or back of your home, glazed double doors help to uplift your rooms and hallways with natural light, transforming the feel of your home from the inside out. With our vast selection of designs to choose from you can turn your doors into a design feature in their own right, and optional side panels make for an even more striking statement. Our extensive hinged door collections include both elegant and traditional routed designs and sleek, contemporary styles, so you can find your dream look.

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A double dose of French charm

When it comes to double patio doors, the French style offers a unique sense of sophistication and class. Whether you choose a single lite design, with a large glass panel, or a 10 lite design, these elegant doors flood your home with natural light and are ideal for opening out onto a balcony or patio.

A grand & stately welcome

Double front doors are a great way of creating a striking and welcoming entrance to your home. For traditional elegance, the Balmain collection offers solid timber with optional moulding, while the Pyrmont range includes the option of glass panels to let the light in. From clear to decorative, there’s a style for everyone.


Double doors with a modern twist

Our Regent range of composite doors offer the opportunity to create a fresh and contemporary statement look with double doors. The etched designs and glass panels can be combined in a reflective pattern across both doors so that, together, they form a unique effect for your home.

Plenty of room for manoeuvre

A set of double doors not only makes a majestic style statement, but it’s also highly practical when it comes to moving large furniture or appliances. Our Eden and Arcadia ranges include beautiful sets of double doors in solid timber panels and glass that give you full and easy access when open.


Light, sleek & chic

For slimline double doors with contemporary chic we offer our Bona Vista aluminium frames in a double hinged option. Choose a clean white, black, grey or primrose finish to suit your style and décor, with clear or translucent glass to balance light flow with privacy.


  • Timber, composite or fibreglass
  • With or without glass
  • Painting or staining options
  • Fully finished or custom made
  • Optional side panels, that can be hinged too!

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Double hinged doors can be installed to swing either inwards or outwards, depending on your preference. You should consider whether there are any obstructions, internally or externally, that would make it awkward or inconvenient for the door to open that way. For example, if there is fixed furniture or something like a staircase that cannot be moved, it might make more sense for your doors to swing outwards. If you want to install a screen door, the most common configuration is for the main doors to swing inwards, while the screen doors swing outwards.

Some homeowners choose double hinged doors to create a grand and welcoming front entrance, or to open up their home at the side or back onto a patio, verandah or decking area. The French door trend is popular for patio and garden doors, with a set of double hinged glass doors to let in plenty of natural light and to enjoy al fresco living. Our Claremont range includes an elegant French double door style, with hinged timber frames and large glass panels.
A set of double external doors can also be practically useful when moving large furniture items in and out of your home. We are noticing that, in newer homes, side access is often unavailable, so any large furniture has to come through the front door. Having a large access point at the front of the home makes this much easier.

The most common external single door size is 820 mm wide. When we consider double doors and framework, the overall width of the opening would be 1700 mm. The most common door opening height is 2040 mm, and with framework this would be 2100 mm. Many of our ranges also include taller options to fit openings of 2400 mm high, and we have options for wider or narrower entrances. Our solid timber Arcadia doors and the glazed Eden range offer widths of 820, 920, 1020 and 1200 mm, while our timber and glass Claremont collection includes narrow options of 405 and 460 mm.

When you install double hinged doors, you will have a “working door”, which swings open and closed for general coming and going, and a “fixed door”. In the past, to stop the working door from opening or closing too far past the fixed door, the doors would be rebated, meaning they were cut to slot into each other without any gaps. The problem with this is that it can compromise the construction of the door if the indent is cut too deep. 
At Doors Plus, our solution is to install a mushroom stop to the fixed panel so that when the working door closes, they sit tightly against each other without any gaps, while preserving the sound construction of the door itself.

We offer solid timber options, such as the Balmian and Arcadia ranges, or timber and glass in a wide variety of styles, such as the Pyrmont, Claremont and Hartley collections. Alternatively, you can opt for a solid composite construction with an HMR skin, such as our Regent or Torrens doors. For maximum durability and resilience to the elements, you can get double hinged doors from our ClimActive range, in fibreglass with a polyurethane core. Our Bona Vista aluminium and glass doors are also available in a double hinged option.

This will depend on factors such as the size, material, style and configuration of the doors you choose, as well as the condition of your existing framework, and any hardware requirements. We can come to your property to fully understand your specifications, measure up and provide an accurate quote.

This will depend on your space and requirements, as well as the specific doors you choose. Factors such as the size and material of your doors will affect the installation time, as well as whether the doors need to be trimmed to fit your existing framework or new framework needs to be installed. Our expert fitters are experienced and efficient, and will be happy to answer any questions as they go along.

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