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Our external sliding doors are a stylish and practical way to open up your living space, let the outside in, and enjoy alfresco living and dining whenever it suits you. Combine multiple panels to fit your opening, and simply slide your doors away to one side when you want to open up your home onto a patio, verandah or outside space.

Our sliding doors come with either a classic timber or sleek aluminium frame, with various finish options to choose from, so you can find a style that will complement your personal tastes and look right at home. Large panels of clear glass let you enjoy the view – whatever the weather – and you combine up to 4 doors to fit your opening. Our ranges give you added insulation, for a peaceful and comfortable home, while embracing the feel of alfresco living, even when your doors are closed.

Our sliding doors are made to measure, so visit us in store to discuss your bespoke solution.

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Sleek & contemporary sliders

The aluminium frames of our Bona Vista sliding doors bring together sleek style and ultimate practicality. Durable and resilient, the frames can be finished in one of 4 contemporary colours, and large panes of laminated glass flood your living area with light even when your doors are closed. Available in 2, 3 or 4 panel units, our Bona Vista sliding doors are made to measure and installed for you.

Sliding doors with traditional charm

Our stunning timber sliding doors are designed to open up your interior onto an outdoor decking or patio area. Available in 2 or 4 panel units, the doors open by sliding the moving panel(s) behind the fixed panel(s) to let your living area flow between inside and out. The frames can be finished in a dark maple stain or left raw to be finished in the colour and style of your choice.



  • Timber or aluminium
  • Combine multiple panels
  • Various paint or stain options
  • Left or right opening
  • Made to measure
  • Pair with optional screen doors

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We have a Bona Vista range of aluminium sliding doors, with clear laminated glass, available in 4 different finish options: black, white, primrose or grey. These come with heavy duty rollers, for a smooth sliding action and easy operation, and double cylinder deadlocking D handles for security. Alternatively, the Panoramic range uses Pacific Ash timber, sustainably sourced from Canadian forests, with clear Doors Plus SafeGlass. SafeGlass is heat treated to be 500% stronger than ordinary glass, making it ideal for external sliding doors, and it will crumble rather than shatter if broken under extreme force. Our timber sliding doors can be left raw, to be finished in the colour of your choice, or stained with our signature maple stain.

This will depend on your choice of material, and the size and configuration of your doors. Whether you choose multiple sets of our solid timber sliding doors (Panoramic) or our aluminium frames (Bona Vista), with 2, 3 or 4 panel options, we can measure your space and provide an accurate quote based on your specifications.

This will depend on the size, material and configuration of your doors, and the number of panels you need to fit your opening. We allow longer for installation if you’ve chosen timber doors that have already been painted or stained, as the doors may need to be trimmed and re-sealed.

You can enhance the security of your external sliding door with one of our Ultrasafe screens, which includes a 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh. The glass we use in our external sliding doors is our exclusive SafeGlass, which is 500% stronger than ordinary glass and will crumble rather than shatter if broken under extreme force. All of our external sliding doors are supplied with a double cylinder deadlocking handle. Ensuring that your framework is sturdy and in good condition will also enhance the security of your sliding door.

Yes, some customers choose to remove their roller garage door and replace it with a sliding or stacking option from our Panoramic or Bona Vista collections. This is often because they have converted their garage into additional living, business or office space. The main consideration is to ensure that there is enough support in the framework and overhead beams to carry the weight of the new door. You may need to employ a local contractor or handyman to carry out any structural work.

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