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Our external stacking doors are a stylish and practical way to open up your living space, let the outside in, and enjoy alfresco living and dining whenever it suits you. Combine multiple panels to fit your opening, and simply stack your doors away to one side when you want to open up your home onto a patio, verandah or outside space. Stacking doors are an excellent choice for wide openings as they stack completely out of the way when open, giving you the full benefit of your space.

Our stacking doors come with either a classic timber or sleek aluminium frame, with various finish options to choose from, so you can find a style that will complement your personal tastes and look right at home. Large panels of clear glass let you enjoy the view – whatever the weather – and you combine 3 to 6 doors to fit your opening. Stacking doors give you added insulation, for a peaceful and comfortable home, while embracing the feel of alfresco living, even when your doors are closed.

Our stacking doors are made to measure, so visit us in store to discuss your bespoke solution.

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Patio doors with contemporary edge

Stacking doors open when 2 panels stack behind a fixed panel, giving you access to two-thirds of the overall space. Great for wall-to-wall al fresco doors, our Bona Vista collection of aluminium stacking doors brings contemporary chic and refreshing flexibility. Made to measure, using 3 or 6 panel units, these sleek doors uplift your home with lightweight aluminium and clear glass panes.

Timber stackers for al fresco living

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of al fresco living with these stylish timber stacking doors. Our Panoramic doors are made to measure, and can be finished in a dark maple stain or supplied raw. Clear SafeGlass invites a flow of natural light into your living area when closed, and 2 panels stack onto a fixed panel when open, bringing the outside in. We also offer an optional screen door so that you can open up your doors but keep the flies and insects out.



  • Timber or aluminium
  • Combine multiple panels
  • Various paint or stain options
  • Left or right opening
  • Made to measure
  • Optional screen doors

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Sliding doors can be configured in 2, 3 or 4 panel options, where one panel slides back over a fixed panel to open up the space. You can have 1 fixed panel and 1 sliding panel, 2 fixed panels and 2 sliding panels, or 2 fixed panels and one central panel that slides to one side. When open, a sliding door gives you access to 50% of the overall opening.
Stacking doors open when 2 panels retract, slide and “stack” on top of a fixed panel, giving you access to two thirds of the overall opening. These are available in 3 or 6 panel options. We have external sliding and stacking doors in aluminium and glass (Bona Vista range) or timber and glass (Panoramic range).

Our external stacking doors are made to measure, so we will provide you with an accurate quote once we have measured your space and understood your exact requirements. Whether you choose our solid timber stacking doors (Panoramic) or our aluminium frames (Bona Vista), you can combine multiple sets of doors to fit your opening, so this will affect the final cost.

This will depend on the size, material and configuration of your doors, and the number of panels you need to fit your opening, as well as the condition of the existing opening. We allow longer for installation if you’ve chosen pre-finished timber doors as they may need to be trimmed and re-sealed. Our external stacking aluminium doors are made to measure so there is no need to account for re-sealing.

Our stacking doors include double weather seals to all frames and panels, as well as double cylinder deadlocking D handles, for even more peace of mind. For maximum security, you can choose to incorporate an Ultrasafe security screen. The 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh has passed rigorous impact, knife shear and jemmy tests to meet Australian standards, and the triple locking mechanism gives your home that extra level of protection.

Yes, some customers choose to remove their roller garage door and replace it with a sliding or stacking option from our Panoramic or Bona Vista collections. This is often because they have converted their garage into additional living, business or office space. The main consideration is to ensure that there is enough support in the framework and overhead beams to carry the weight of the new door. You may need to employ a local contractor or handyman to carry out any structural work.

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