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Fibreglass doors lead the way in resilience to the elements and insulation performance. Our fibreglass external doors use the latest in fibreglass technology and engineering to guarantee superior protection from harsh weather conditions and outstanding heat and sound insulation, so that your home feels peaceful and comfortable from every angle.

The polyurethane core expands and contracts with extreme temperature changes and the fibreglass skin won’t warp, split or rot. The moisture-proof bottom rail also guards against water damage to the base of the door.

Our fibreglass doors are popular for garages and side entrances, but can work in any external entryway for outstanding protection and insulation. We have a range of designs to suit your home, from a simple, flat finish to a moulded, timber effect, and you can opt for a clean, white finish or paint your doors in the colour of your choice. Clear or frosted glass, with optional double-glazing, brightens up your interior without compromising on privacy or comfort.

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Advanced fibreglass technology allows the ClimActive door to expand and contract without warping and splitting, making it a more durable choice than timber in the face of the elements. The collection includes a choice of smooth and flat skin designs, as well as 6 panelled designs with an etched woodgrain finish. This gives you all the benefits of fibreglass technology with the character and charm of a timber-look finish.

Come rain or shine

The ClimActive range of fibreglass doors features several designs that include glazed panels from decorative brass lite to translucent and clear glass panels so that the natural light can filter through. The fibreglass skin is an excellent choice in the face of the Australian climate, with a moisture-proof, anti-rot bottom rail that repels water away from the door and avoids peeling or swelling.



  • Single or double
  • Clear or frosted glass
  • Range of simple and moulded designs
  • Smooth white finish, but can be re-painted

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Our ClimActive external fibreglass doors are supplied already painted in white, but the sleek skin can easily be re-painted in the colour of your choice to suit your home and style preferences. When painting your doors, always refer to the paint manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

A fibreglass skin offers excellent protection against the elements, including harsh weather conditions like extreme rain. Your doors are guaranteed not to warp, split or rot, and our innovative ClimActive doors even include a moisture-proof, anti-rot bottom rail that actively repels water away from the bottom of the door to avoid peeling and swelling. Fibreglass doors can be a more economical choice than solid timber, with versatility in terms of style and finish.

Unlike many other fibreglass doors on the market, our ClimActive external fibreglass doors have been constructed with a solid timber frame that can be trimmed down to fit your existing framework. This gives you much more flexibility to adjust your door to fit, even if your framework is slightly out of square.

Yes, we offer multiple glazing options, including clear or frosted glass, or even decorative brasslite, in a selection of designs to suit your style. Optional double glazing provides insulation against noise, and helps you maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

No, our ClimActive doors are specifically built to withstand the harsh Australian climate. The fibreglass skin feeds water down off the face of the door, and the moisture-proof bottom rail actively draws it away, preventing the water from pooling at the base and seeping into the door.

Yes, our ClimActive doors combine the latest in fibreglass technology with all the benefits of an expanding polyurethane core to guarantee outstanding insulation qualities, for both heat and sound.

Installing the right hardware, such as deadlocks and entrance sets, will help to enhance the security of your fibreglass door. Most Doors Plus entrance sets have a double throw deadlock, which means that you turn the key once and the latch inserts about 20 mm into the frame, then you turn the key again and the latch goes even further into the frame, creating a more secure door. Ensuring that your framework is sturdy and in good condition will also help to keep your external entrances secure. For the ultimate in security, we recommend installing an Ultrasafe security screen at any external entry point to your home. 

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