External MDF / Composite Doors

Many of our external doors are made from a solid Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) core construction or a hollow honeycomb core, with a primed High Moisture Resistant (HMR) skin. This allows for a wide range of different routing designs, from subtle and understated to deep and distinctive, so you can choose a range of doors that suits your home and architecture. The smooth surface of the doors also makes them easy to paint, so if you want to add a splash of colour to your external doors you can get a seamless, professional finish.

These wonderfully versatile doors can be used in almost any area around your home, from your front or back entry to laundry, garage and side doors. Some of our composite door styles include glazed panels, with either clear, translucent or decorative glass, which is great way of adding a touch of elegance and style to these highly practical and versatile doors, and invites an uplifting flow of natural light into your home.

Composite doors are also fortified and extremely secure, so they stand up to the elements and the everyday comings and goings of a busy family home.

If you’re looking for affordable, practical and stylish doors for any of your external entrances, our composite doors are an unbeatable solution.

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Integrated style & cordless convenience

Our Harmony range of external doors includes composite doors with an integrated Venetian blind. Two panels of clear, SafeGlass house a sleek and stylish blind that can be lifted, lowered or tilted using a magnetic strip. This means you can balance light flow with privacy, with half, full and side panel variations.

Your all-in-one home guardian

Composite doors really come into their own with the exclusive Guardian 2in1 screen door solution. Combining an external and screen door into one, the Guardian range features a SafeGlass panel and an integrated stainless steel mesh screen, allowing you to open the glass panel to let the fresh air in. The dual magnetic flexible seals guard against moisture and draughts coming through the glass panel. There is a choice of styles, including the option of a pet door to accommodate your four-legged friends on selected styles.


Painted perfection for every home

The readily versatile Regent series showcases the appeal of composite doors, and all the benefits of a sleek HMR skin. With a wide selection of both solid and glazed designs to choose from, there really is something for every style and décor. Your doors can be painted white or left raw, for you to paint in the colour of your choice.

Contemporary composite with staying power

For modern and sleek external doors that can stand up to the elements, our Torrens range offers a choice of minimalist designs that incorporate one or more slim panels of SafeGlass. The HMR skin can be painted white and sealed against the elements, or left raw for you to finish in your own style.



  • Solid MDF core construction or hollow honeycomb construction
  • Primed HMR skin
  • Single or double
  • Solid or glazed
  • Clear, translucent, decorative Insulsafe™, or Safeglass™ options
  • Traditional and contemporary designs
  • Painted white or pre-primed

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Composite MDF has a smooth skin, so it is suitable for a painted finish only. If you would like to see some texture in the painted finish, or if you want a stained finish, then you will need to go for a wood door. 
At Doors Plus, we use Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) – a reconstituted, dry-processed wood panel product. It is denser than plywood and has a smooth finish on both sides. This makes our composite MDF doors easier to paint than timber, with a smooth and consistent finish that is not dependent on the natural grain of the wood. MDF is also a more economical option than solid timber.
Our wood doors are made from 100% solid Pacific Ash. The timber is quarter sawn, not face cut, which makes it very stable and gives a straighter grain. Our solid Pacific Ash doors are long-lasting and can be re-sanded as required, unlike doors with a thin veneer. They can also be trimmed, painted or stained to suit any decor. 

Composite MDF doors allow for a smooth painted finish. If you prefer the look of a woodgrain finish, our solid timber Pacific Ash products can be stained rather than painted. While many of our doors can easily be re-painted in the colour of your choice, we advise against painting your doors black. Please see our blog post on this for more information: https://www.doorsplus.com.au/3-reasons-why-you-should-avoid-painting-external-doors-black/

Yes, depending on the range, our external composite MDF doors can be trimmed down by up to 15 mm on each edge, for a snug fit within your opening.

We offer external composite MDF doors in both hollow and solid options. Our Regent and Torrens doors are a solid construction, while the Clifton range offers either a solid MDF core or a hollow honeycomb construction.

A composite MDF door is usually a more economical option than solid timber, but the exact cost will depend on the size and style of your door, and on the condition of your existing framework.

Our external composite MDF doors are made with a high moisture resistant skin, which helps to protect it from the elements. However, to ensure the longevity of the door and avoid compromising the warranty, we do recommend that all doors are installed with overhead protection of at least the height of the door, and that the door is thoroughly sealed on both faces and all four edges.

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