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If you want to achieve a fresh and modern look for your home, your choice of external doors will play a key role in striking the right tone. We have a huge collection of external doors that are ideal for complementing a contemporary style, with sleek lines, innovative solutions and chic designs. With the option to paint your doors in the colour of your choice, you can be as bold or as minimalist as you like!

Whether you choose timber, composite or fibreglass doors, we offer plenty of contemporary ranges for the front, back and sides of your home, including minimalist routing designs and a smooth finish, and adding glass can help to add a touch of modern flair. Our aluminium al fresco collection is effortlessly sleek and contemporary in style, and designed with the modern home and lifestyle in mind.

For hinged, folding, sliding or stacking doors for every entrance to your contemporary home, explore our collections today.

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Laidback designs for effortless chic

The clean parallel lines of our Californian collection exude easy-going charm and a refreshing coastal style for any home. Simple slatted timber panels are used to create 6 laidback designs, including two glazed styles to allow light to filter through. As well as standard sizes, these cool and contemporary doors can be custom made to fit any space up to 2400 by 1200 mm.

Affordable, smooth & stylish

The Regent series of composite doors offers a budget-friendly selection of minimalist, contemporary designs in either solid or glazed options. The smooth HMR skin can be painted white, or pre-primed to be finished in the colour of your choice.


Solid construction, slimline style

Our Torrens collection of solid composite doors combines durability with style for contemporary external doors in single or double options. The square routed corners and minimalist designs include slim horizontal and vertical panels of SafeGlass for clean and modern doors that work for your home and lifestyle.

Well-crafted, warm & wide

For stately timber doors with striking style and flexibility, our Eden collection combines the warmth and character of Pacific Ash timber with clear glass panels in a choice of 5 contemporary designs. Available in widths up to 1200 mm, these stunning modern doors pack the extra punch.



  • Timber, composite, fibreglass or aluminium
  • Hinged, folding, sliding or stacking
  • Single, double or multiple panels
  • Huge range of designs
  • Various glazing options
  • Multiple paint or stain options
  • Fully finished or custom made

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Our modern external doors, such as the Hartley range, tend to be more minimalist in design, with sleek lines and subtle glass panels. The more traditional ranges often feature deep routing or raised moulding, for character and warmth. Your choice of glass can also make a big difference to how modern or traditional your doors feel. Translucent glass can make for a sleek and contemporary look, while decorative glass tends to lend itself to a more traditional style. Our Claremont range includes a wide choice of InsulSafe decorative options, as well as clear and translucent glass, while the Hartley and Eden ranges include some contemporary designs that use translucent glass in a sleek and subtle way.
 The most important thing is to choose a design that complements the style of your home and reflects your personal taste.

External modern doors are most commonly made from composite materials, with a high moisture resistant skin that can be painted in the colour of your choice. Glazed elements are generally either clear or translucent.
Other modern styles, like the Eden range, which also feature clear or translucent glass, are made from solid Pacific Ash timber and can be either stained or painted, depending on the look you want to achieve.
Our exterior Bona Vista al fresco doors, with a black finish, also suit a modern home, with folding, stacking or sliding configurations to choose from.

Yes, we have a range of Nu Breeze fly screens and Ultrasafe security screens that can be fitted to hinged, sliding or stacking external modern doors. A key consideration when fitting a screen door to a modern door is the position and depth of the door handle. It’s important to be sure that the door handle won’t interfere with the functionality of the screen, and that the two handles are clear of one another.

External doors come in a variety of heights and widths. The most common heights are 2040 and 2400 mm, while the standard widths are 820, 870, 920,1020 and 1200 mm. For homes built before the 1970s, when Australia was still using the Imperial system for construction, standard door heights were 77’ x 29’ (1960x755 mm). Our modern external doors can be trimmed down and still remain under warranty, which means they can be retro-fitted into existing framework and even slightly out of square door frames. We also have a selected range of products that can be custom made to meet your requirements if the standard sizes won’t work in your space.

You can choose single or double external modern doors, with optional side panels, and can even mix and match from different ranges to create a unique look. For example, you could combine your Hartley or Torrens front entry door with one or two Guardian side panels. Configuration options include single or double doors with one or two side panels. You can also choose to add top lights or transoms above external doors to extend the opening height and create a grand entrance.
Alternatively, you can go for our sliding, stacking or folding al fresco doors for a light and airy contemporary feel, and to extend your living area out onto a patio or decking. Whether you choose our aluminium and glass Bona Vista doors or the timber and glass Panoramic options, you can combine multiple panels to fit your space.

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