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Your home theatre is all about atmosphere. The joy of being able to shut out the rest of the work and fully immerse yourself in movies, music, books or whatever helps you to unwind.

At Doors plus you will find a variety of hinged, sliding, folding or stacking doors complement your home, allowing you to tuck yourself away when you need to relax.

If your home is an open plan design, look towards our Zone Living collection, when sourcing media room doors. These custom-made doors are designed to Zone off areas of your home when you need it privacy and seclusion or open up to enjoy the comforts of open plan living. The double-glazed panels have excellent sound deadening properties while optional obscure glass maintains the privacy.

For a more traditional look, you can also choose from our engineered timber range of hinged and bifold doors or opt for any style of internal door to be hung on our range of Glengary barn door tracks in either a black carbon or stainless steel finish. The possibilities are limitless.

To set the stage for your next immersive movie night experience, explore our home theatre doors in store.

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Quiet please…

Vogue Acoustic doors allow you to shut out any external light and the 6mm thick skin helps to maximise sound for a true cinematic experience at home. Immerse yourself in your home entertainment, without distraction or interruption, with single or double doors. Whether you opt for hinged or sliding, you can simply close your doors and put your feet up.

Your instant home theatre zone

You don’t have to dedicate a whole room of your house in order to enjoy a home theatre setup. With our folding, sliding or stacking Shaker Zone Living options you can quickly transform an area of your living space into a cosy and atmospheric home entertainment zone as and when it suits you. Featuring a range of subtle and timeless Shaker designs that can be finished in a light or dark maple stain or painted in a crisp white you can choose the style that suits your home.


Glazed doors that set the stage

Glazed doors can play a major role in creating the atmosphere of your home theatre. We have a wide range of glazing styles and designs to choose from, including clear and translucent options, so you can enjoy the subtlety and drama of the changing light. While double glazing keeps out external noise, the filtering of light through translucent panes might just put the finishing touch on your home entertainment experience.

It’s all about the ending

Finish your doors in style, for a home theatre that has its own distinctive character. Our timber doors can be finished with a dark maple stain or painted in a clean and contemporary white, like our composite options. Alternatively, we can supply your doors raw or pre-primed and ready to be finished in the colour of your choice. The aluminium frames of our Zone Living doors come in black, grey, white or woodgrain.



  • Engineered timber, hollow core, semi-solid construction or aluminium
  • Hinged, sliding, folding or stacking
  • Single, double or multiple panels
  • Solid or glazed
  • Double-glazing
  • A range of design options to compliment your style.
  • Rich Dark Maple or Light Maple stain, painted white, pre primed or raw

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Yes, the Vogue range of internal doors features a 6.3 mm thick MDF skin, which has better sound deadening qualities when compared with a standard internal door. We also offer double glazing in our Zone Living folding, sliding and stacking doors, which helps to stop noise transference.

Depending on the size of the opening and the look you want to achieve, you can choose doors that are hinged, doors that slide or stack, or doors that fold. Our Shaker Zone Living doors offer all the versatility of movable walls that slide, stack or fold to open up your space. We also offer the classic French door style, in either single lite or 10 lite designs, for hinged glass doors that combine performance with style.

Home theatres are designed to be places for rest, relaxation, and switching off from the day. The Definiti range, which has a series of subtle etched patterns on the face of the door, features a 6.3 mm skin that helps reduce noise transference between rooms to help preserve this oasis of pure entertainment.
Any of our timber doors can be used for your home theatre, and our versatile Zone Living collection is well-suited to home theatres as the double glazing helps to keep the sound in the room. By choosing obscure glass, rather than clear, you can also help to enhance the atmosphere in the room.
If you are aiming for a blackened room, with as little light as possible, you could opt for a solid panelled interior door that also matches the other doors around your home.

Typically, doors that are installed into a home theatre would be made of engineered timber or composite timber construction, such as our Woodland, Definiti and Vogue ranges. But if you want to let a little light in and add a touch of uplifting style to your space, you may want to incorporate some glass. The Hamptons range is a chic and sophisticated example of the combination of timber and glass in 4 contemporary designs.

The length of time for installation will vary depending on the size of the opening, and the style and finish of your chosen doors. It also depends on the material of the doors, as our timber doors may need to be trimmed and re-sealed whereas the Zone Living aluminium frames are made to measure.

Yes, we offer a selection of made to measure products that can be installed into your home theatre. The most popular options are the Shaker Zone and aluminium Zone Living products.

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