Kitchen Pantry Doors, Sliding, Hinged, Glass, Timber and More!

Our pantry doors are all about convenience and style. Whether you want to save space, maximise light flow, or simply find an elegant solution that matches your interior décor, we’ve got something for every home and budget.

Many of our internal ranges are ideal as pantry doors, they are available in a range of smaller widths that can complement your kitchen cupboards as well as the other interior doors throughout your home.

The shaker style with clean crisp lines, and the variety of choice between solid panel or glazed designs, is suitable for an array of interior design styles and will match your shaker cabinetry. For a contemporary home, we have sleek minimalist options with slightly etched patterns, that can be painted to match your existing colour scheme, or for a warmer effect you can choose solid timber panelled doors with traditional designs. Glazed internal doors work great in the pantry to add more natural light to filter in.

Our pantry doors can be configured as single or double doors and can be installed hinged, sliding or folding. With this many styles to choose from you will be sure to find a solution to suit your space.

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New heights of sophistication

It’s important that your pantry doors are up to the challenge of frequent, everyday use but they also play into the overall style of your kitchen, at the heart of your home. For stunning floor to ceiling pantry doors, you can choose extra tall options from our timeless and minimalist Shaker range, our chic art deco New Yorker range, or our economical Marsden collection.

Let the light in

You may choose an engineered timber or composite door, to completely close off your pantry from the rest of your home, or you can incorporate one or more glazed panels. Clear or translucent glass is a great way of inviting a flow of light into the pantry, which can often be a smaller and darker area of the home.


Don’t be confined. Free your mind!

Our pantry doors include hinged, folding or sliding configurations, so you can choose the style that best suits your space and your needs. Folding or sliding pantry doors make an elegant space-saving solution if your pantry or kitchen area is tight, and you can choose single or double doors to fit your opening.

Home harmony with timeless appeal

Many people choose pantry doors from our Shaker series, to match the cabinet doors throughout their kitchen. This creates a consistent and harmonious look, using the characteristically understated clean lines of the Shaker tradition. This popular minimalist design has a timeless feel, so that your kitchen and pantry doors will never go out of style.


Call the butler!

The traditional butler’s pantry has grown in popularity in modern homes, despite the absence of the butler himself! Often situated between the kitchen and dining-room, the butler’s pantry can function as a preparation and serving area, so it’s important to choose doors that create a flow of effortless grace from food prep to dining.


  • Engineered timber, hollow core or semi-solid construction
  • Solid, glazed or louvred
  • Single or double
  • Hinged, sliding or folding
  • A range of design options to complement your style.
  • Dark Maple or Light Maple Stain. Painted White or Pre-primed.
  • Clear, frosted or decorative glass

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Pantry doors are often smaller than a standard sized internal door opening. Our internal door ranges include widths of 520, 620, 680, 720, 770, 820 and 870 mm, and heights of 2040 and 2340 mm. Custom made sizes are available across a selected range of products.

We have a range of door designs that can be custom made to suit your space.

Whether your pantry door should open inwards or outwards depends on the space that you have available. Many pantries are no bigger than cupboards so the door would have to open outwards. However, many newer kitchens are being designed to include a butler’s pantry or walk-in pantry, and these can give you more flexibility. You need to think practically about how it would affect the flow of the kitchen to have a pantry door opening out into the kitchen area, and whether it would create a blocking point when open. Similarly, you should assess whether there is enough space in the pantry for the door to open inwards, or whether this would restrict movement and make it awkward to access what you need.

Whether your pantry doors match your kitchen cupboards or not is entirely your choice. We have seen many pantry doors become stand-out design features in the kitchen because they contrast with the other doors in some way. For example, you may want to consider bi-fold doors with glass, like those in our Ashfield range, or a Glengary sliding barn door design. Incorporating glass, either in clear or translucent, will help the light to filter into your pantry so this is another factor to consider when choosing your style.
If you would like to match your pantry door to the cupboards, we offer our timeless and versatile Shaker series, which features the clean and simple shaker design or our flush panel redicote for a smooth, flat look.

Glass can make a stylish design feature in your doors, and also allows more light into the pantry, but there are few things to consider when choosing between clear and frosted options. If your pantry is neat and organised and you like the idea of being able to see directly into it from the kitchen, then clear glass might work well for you. Translucent or frosted glass is a good choice in your pantry door if you still want to allow plenty of light into your pantry but would rather keep its contents hidden from the kitchen area.

Depending on the style of your pantry, whether it is a walk-in or butler’s pantry, we have a range of door styles that will be suitable. You can choose designs that feature solid panels, glass panels or even mirrored panels, with hinged, folding and sliding options. We have many different solid timber door styles, and our ever popular Shaker series, which incorporates the simple, minimalist shaker door style in either timber or MDF.

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