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A discreet and high quality retractable safety screen offers you a whole new level of protection and flexibility when it comes to opening your home to the great outdoors.

Made to measure, our hideaway retractable screen doors fit seamlessly over your existing doors and provide superior, all-round protection. The strong aluminium is resolutely resistant, and the screen is firmly secured in its track, so that even in high winds and extreme weather it will stand its ground and won’t buckle or sag. Our retractable screens are ideal for double or bi-fold doors because you can easily keep the screen in place while your doors are fully open. The mesh is designed to be discreet and unobtrusive, so you can still enjoy an uninterrupted view, and the panels neatly retract and “hideaway” when not in use. Our retractable screen doors are a highly effective, attractive and versatile solution when it comes to both protecting and enjoying your home to the full.

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The hollow core that does more

The Vogue collection of hollow core doors goes above and beyond when it comes to acoustics. The 6.3mm thick MDF skin absorbs and deadens sound, helping to maintain privacy and calm around your home. Designs range from traditional panelling to more modern, smooth lines so you can find the look that works for you.

Economy without compromise

The practical and economical Marsden range of hollow core doors doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to choice and versatility. There are multiple designs to choose from, in single or double configurations, and a wide range of sizes to suit different openings. You can even incorporate mirrored panels for added style and convenience.


Keeping it simple with timeless charm

For doors that fit right in, whatever your style and décor, our flat panel Redicote options offer ultimate versatility. The simple and timeless design works in any room of any home, for effortless and consistent style.

Practical style for family homes

The Nova range combines a lightweight hollow core construction with a smooth melamine skin, making these doors easy to wipe clean and maintain. These are our most economical selection of high quality, fully finished doors for use throughout the home, and are supplied in a timeless white.


Affordable designer touches

For a little extra element of design that adds interest to your rooms, the Definiti series of hollow core doors offers shallow routing in 5 different styles. The subtle etched design brings a sense of personal style to complement your home décor, without being imposing, making these a great choice for co-ordinating internal doors throughout your home.


  • Single, double or large sizes
  • Ideal for hinged or folding doors
  • Can be fully open, closed or secured at a mid-point
  • Choice of colours and designs

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Internal hollow core doors are the most versatile when it comes to standard sized options. Sizes range from 520 mm to 920 mm in width, with plenty of options in between, and the standard heights are 2040 and 2340 mm. Not all sizes are available across all designs, and a maximum of 5 mm can be trimmed off each edge. We also take special orders for doors with 80 mm laminated rails, in selected designs, if further trimming is required.

Hollow core doors are a more economical choice than engineered timber, and are lightweight and versatile. The smooth skin can be painted white, or pre-primed for you to finish in the colour of your choice.

Hollow core doors are made with timber stiles, rails and lockclock, a pre-primed MDF pressed skin, and a honeycomb cardboard inlay.

Hollow core doors are available as single or double hinged, and single or double sliding.

The pre-primed MDF skin of an internal hollow core door is suitable for painting. We can supply your doors painted white, or pre-primed.

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