Internal Double Hinged Doors

Double hinged doors are a classic choice and they work throughout the home.

Many modern Australian homes now have wider entranceways and more open plan spaces, so a set of double hinged doors might be the ideal solution for a dramatic and stylish statement, or to refresh your wardrobe doors. You can choose from a wide range of materials, from lightweight composite to engineered timber, to suit your tastes and your budget.

A beautiful set of double doors gives you the flexibility to open up your space for bright and airy sociable living, or to close off an area for more intimacy and comfort when it suits you, and with our vast selection of styles and designs to choose from you can turn your doors into a design feature in their own right. Our extensive hinged door collections include both elegant and traditional routed designs and sleek, contemporary styles, so you can find your dream look.

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Seeing double with subtle touches

For double hinged doors that are both style and budget-friendly, our Definiti range ticks all the boxes. The subtle, shallow etched designs are ideal for every room of the house and can complement any interior décor. The design appears on both faces of the door, adding interest to your rooms without dominating, and the hollow core construction makes these doors an economical choice for any home.

The quintessential double doors

French doors are the classic double hinged option, and there’s good reason why they continue to boom in popularity among modern homeowners. With both single and 10 lite options, these elegant glass doors can’t fail to uplift your home with an air of sophistication. Clear glass maximises light flow, while translucent options balance light filtration with privacy between rooms, giving you the best of both worlds.


Elegant storage that blends right in

For wardrobes, cupboards, a linen press or other storage areas around your home, double hinged doors can be a great way to help your storage blend seamlessly with the rest of your décor. The subtle, clean lines of our Shaker series make these doors ideal for effortless consistency from room to room, and storage that blends in with your home style.

Make an entrance with feature doors

We all deserve a little grandeur every now and then. Why not make a feature out of your bedroom doors with a stunning set of double doors that creates a majestic entrance? Explore our huge range of styles, designs and finishes, from subtle to decorative and traditional to contemporary, and set the tone for your master bedroom or suite.


Break it down with zones

Double doors give you a wide opening and flow between areas when open, as well as the flexibility to separate your living spaces when you need some privacy, peace and quiet. Our semi-solid Vogue doors have an extra thick MDF skin for excellent sound deadening qualities, while our Aluminium Zone Living solution combines aluminium with double glazing for flexible style and insulation. The engineered timber Mascot range includes a single lite design with clear double glazing, for double doors that combine performance with value for money.

Glamorous glass to style it up

Our Caulfield timber and glass doors offer a wide choice of glazing styles for both traditional and contemporary homes. Leadlite, brasslite and patterned options turn your double doors into a decorative feature, while clear glass maximises light flow between rooms, and translucent glass gives more privacy.


Barn doors that can swing it

For a set of double doors that makes a striking statement, we offer our stunning barn door styles in standard sized hinged options as well as sliding. Whether it’s a refined home study, an elegant dining area, or a majestic bedroom, these timber feature doors will really set the tone.


  • Room-to-room or wardrobe doors
  • Timber or composite
  • With or without glass
  • Painting or staining options
  • Fully finished or custom made

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Internal double hinged doors can open either into or out of the room, depending on your preference and the space available. It’s important to consider whether there are any obstructions on either side that would stop the doors from fully opening, or whether the doors themselves would block other furniture or floor space when open. If you want to change the opening direction of your hinged doors, the framework may need to be altered.

The finish options for your internal double hinged doors will depend on the material the doors are made from. Engineered Pacific Ash timber doors can be either painted or stained, while MDF doors can be painted. Our aluminium internal doors are supplied fully finished in a range of colours.

Double hinged doors can be installed throughout the home, as long as there is ample width for two doors. Double internal doors can be used to close off living spaces, office spaces, master suites or theatre rooms, and can create more of a grand and stately feel than a single door. Glazed designs can help to increase the flow of light between rooms and add to a sense of open plan, integrated living.

Interior double swinging doors can be either hollow or solid, depending on the style of your home and the budget available. We offer engineered Pacific Ash timber double doors, or hollow core doors with an MDF skin. There is also a wide choice of glazing options.

Internal double hinged doors can be made from a variety of different materials. Engineered Pacific Ash timber creates a warm and rich look, while hollow core with an MDF skin is a more economical choice. Both materials offer plenty of style and design options. You can choose internal double doors with or without glass, or even go for sleek and resilient aluminium doors from our Zone Living collection.

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