Internal Hinged and Swinging Doors

Hinged doors are a classic choice and they work throughout the home. For connecting rooms, living spaces and hallways, and for cupboards and wardrobes, hinged doors are stylish, functional and versatile.

Your doors can be left or right opening and are available in a wide range of materials, from lightweight composite to engineered timber, to suit your tastes and your budget.

Our extensive hinged door collections include both elegant and traditional routed designs and sleek, contemporary styles, with a choice of finish options, so you can find your dream look and refresh your living spaces. You might also choose to incorporate glass to allow a flow of light around your home.

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All-around solutions

We have a huge selection of hinged doors to suit every style, space and budget. From our Woodland range to our timeless Shaker series, and our Marsden composite doors with optional mirrored panels, we have ranges that work in bedrooms, bathrooms, family areas, and throughout the home. This makes it easy for you to create a consistent sense of style and flow from room to room.

Style on a budget

For new hinged doors throughout the home, without blowing the budget, we have multiple lightweight and economical ranges that offer maximum value for money. For sleek and subtle style check out our Flush Panel options, while our single or double Marsden doors offer stylish mirrored panels. The Nova collection is our most affordable fully finished product, and the shallow routed designs of the hollow core Definiti range provide added interest. 


The legacy of the look

If you want to enhance your traditional home with hinged internal doors that ooze heritage charm, check out the elegant designs of our Woodland range. Our Shaker series also includes a classic, traditional design that adds character to a heritage home. Our Mascot glass doors combine French charm with classic home comfort, and you can choose the design and glass options that suit your personal tastes.

It all hinges on the glazing

Incorporating glazing gives you another way to stamp your style on your internal doors, and encourages a flow of light. Our Caulfield range combines engineered timber with one, two or nine glass panels, for classic doors with a contemporary edge. Our Mascot French doors maximise the light with large or multiple glass panels in single or double doors, and our Hamptons collection of glazed timber doors is the ultimate in luxury chic.


Storage with flair

When it comes to new doors for your wardrobes, cupboards or pantries, we’ve got a look and a style for every area of your home. Whether you want doors that harmonise with your décor or stand out as a feature, our hinged options range from the understated Shaker series to the art deco New Yorker collection. Our semi-solid Kingston doors offers different designs with solid options, so you’re spoilt for choice whatever your budget. These ranges also include tall options, for floor to ceiling access.

Let us size you up

When it comes to replacing your doors, size matters. All of our timber doors can be trimmed down slightly to fit your existing opening, and our aluminium hinged doors can be made to measure for openings of any size. This means you’re not restricted in choice, with a huge range of door designs and styles to explore, and you can be confident of a snug fit when it comes to installing your new doors.



  • Room-to-room or wardrobe doors
  • Engineered timber or composite
  • With or without glass
  • Painting or staining options
  • Fully finished or custom made
  • Left or right opening

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Our timber internal hinged doors are available in a range of standard sizes, while our aluminium internal doors are custom made to size.

Internal hinged doors usually open into the room as standard, but they can be altered to open into or out of the room, depending on your preference and the configuration of your space. The door jamb may need to be adjusted if the swinging direction is changed.

The type of finish available depends on the material of your door. For engineered Pacific Ash timber doors, we offer either a maple stain or a white painted finish, or your doors can be supplied raw and you can paint or stain them yourself. MDF doors can be painted but not stained.

Installing an internal door can be quite tricky if you don't have experience, especially if the door is being retro-fitted into an existing doorway. Houses are known to shift and move over time and doorways in turn can become out of square, so some adjustments or trimming may be required. We recommend enlisting the help of an experienced carpenter.

Internal hinged doors can be made from a variety of different materials. Your choice will depend on your style preferences, your budget, and the practical function of your doors. Engineered Pacific Ash timber gives a warm and rich look, while hollow core with an MDF skin is a more economical choice and offers lots of design options. You can choose doors with or without glass, and we also offer aluminium doors for contemporary versatility.

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