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Stylish sliding doors are an excellent choice for narrow openings or hallways around your home, where space for a hinged door is limited, but they can also make a stunning decorative feature when used to separate larger, open plan spaces. Our vast range of materials and styles offers the whole spectrum from practicality to artistry.

Ideal for separating off different areas of your home without encroaching on your living space, these doors slide to the left or right rather than swinging into the room. Your door panels can even slide against a wall, saving space when not in use, a very popular option with the Barn Style of door system. This innovative design gives you the flexibility of an open plan feel, while allowing you to instantly close off an area when you want some privacy.

Available in timber, composite or aluminium, with optional glass paneling or mirrored styles, you can choose a design that is understated enough to assimilate into your décor and look like it’s always been there, or eye-catching and majestic as a design feature in its own right.

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The statement slide

Our Glengary barn doors are beautifully crafted Pacific Ash timber sliding doors that make an unforgettable style statement. There are 4 different door designs to choose from, and a range of tracking systems, to suit both traditional and contemporary homes. Choose a single sliding feature door, or a double set for maximum impact.

The hidden slide

Some of our sliding door ranges come with the option of a cavity wall unit, so that the door slides seamlessly into the cavity rather than sitting flush against the wall when open. We can supply these units with our Marsden or Vogue MDF doors for a sleek, economical and space-saving slide.


On the right track

Many of our internal door ranges can be combined with the smooth and elegant Glengary tracking system to create a sliding door that glides into position. Team up a Mascot French-style door with this effortless tracking system for the ultimate in continental class. You can choose a contemporary stainless steel finish or a striking black carbon steel finish to suit your home and décor.

The traditional slide

For the traditional sliding door look, any of our internal doors can be installed with a wall track. If you have the space along the wall to slide the door back and open, this is a neat and classic way of incorporating sliding doors into your home. The track can be hidden behind a timber pelmet, for a tidy and pleasing finish.


Doors that slide to hide

For sliding wardrobe doors that hide your clothes, shoes and storage behind an elegant and stylish façade, we offer 2 door, 3 door and 4 door options. Our Reflections range gives you the convenience of mirrored panels, or even full length mirrored doors, on one or both faces.


  • Engineered timber, composite or aluminium
  • With or without glass
  • Mirrored options
  • Left or right sliding
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Various styles, from simple to decorative
  • Choice of finishes

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Front Door and French Doors Review

The quality of the products that we have got from Doors Plus has been fantastic. We are so thrilled with the results and we think that they have just added so much character to our home.

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– Eleanor Pendleton


Always Going To Be Hamptons

I can’t tell you how happy I am. It’s absolutely awesome…I got that Hamptons look that I was trying to achieve, with no fuss whatsoever.

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– Adam and Vicky


Front Door Review

The sales were pleasant and nice people to work with. Until they finished, they washed up and vacuumed, and they’re the best traders I’ve ever had in this house. I can truly vouch for the jingle of Doors Plus No Fuss.

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– Jac’y S


Guardian 2 in 1 Review

Everything went smoothly from 1 on 1 consultation to M&Q, our doors were ready in a few weeks. I was very pleased with the change in look it brought to my home, receiving complements and inquiries from visitors and neighbors.

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– Kelly M


Wide Door Review

The new door installation has just totally transformed the look of the house and I’m really, really pleased with it.

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– Annette


Barn Door Review

It’s just a really beautiful feature piece for the room. Absolutely stunning!

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– Rachel D


One Stop Shop Review

The installation was flawless and the work that was completed in a single day was blown away. On the single Doors Plus roof, we worked it all out.

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– Steve H


Laundry & Patio Doors Review

What I loved about Doors Plus is they did all the measuring, painting, delivery and installation which was very easy and professional. The Tradesman was on time and tidy, which was a bonus.

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– Kate S


Wide door & UltraSafe Security Screen Door Review

I have had one of the best experience with Doors Plus. Very happy with my big timber door and UltraSafe screen door.

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– Penny


Guardian 2 in 1 Entry Door Review

Every single time we’ve worked with Doors Plus we’ve had exceptional service in the showroom and in home during the installation, and we’ve never had any problem – the whole process is just no fuss!

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– Kelly M


Outdoor Bifold Panoramic Door Review

I could not be happier. I mean, I knew that the Panoramic Bifolds would look great, but just the amount of light and how much of the back yard I can see is incredible.

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– Sarita and Brodie


Guardian 2 in 1 Door Review

From going into the store, choosing the door, to them letting us have what we wanted, panting it ourselves… It was the best decision. It was seriously no fuss.

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– Megan & Mark


Interior sliding doors can be configured as single or double doors, or custom made for wider openings as part of our Zone Living range. They can slide along the face of the wall, into a cavity unit, or along a wardrobe sliding track

The majority of the doors we offer in the internal door collection can be installed as sliding doors. Any doors that feature raised moulding that protrudes past the face of the door may not be suitable as sliding doors as the moulding may hit the door frame or architrave.

Internal sliding doors can be made from solid Pacific Ash timber, MDF, or aluminium, and you can choose doors with or without glass.

Yes, internal sliding doors are available in a wide range of standard sizes, or can be custom made to suit your space. The standard heights are 2040, 2120 and 2340 mm, and standard widths are 920, 870, 820, 770, 720, 620 and 520 mm, but not all sizes are available across all ranges.

Sliding doors are a great space-saving solution where there is no access to swing a hinged door. Sliding barn doors can also become a feature piece in their own right, with the decorative and stylish track system, or can be an elegant solution for wardrobe or cupboard doors.


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