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Offering an ideal balance between style and function, aluminium makes for a contemporary, slimline look. It is low maintenance, easy to clean and will enhance any home with its modern, sleek lines.

Our Internal aluminium doors are available in a range of designer colours, including black, grey, white or woodgrain, and can be installed as hinged, folding, stacking or sliding solutions, depending on your space and preferences.

Our innovative Zone Living collection combines an aluminium frame with toughened double-glazing, for your most versatile internal door solutions. These subtle room dividers can be pushed away to open up your space, or pulled closed when you want a bit more peace, privacy or flexibility, and the aluminium frames are both durable and stylish.

For sleek internal doors that work for your home and are built to last, explore our aluminium range in store.

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The rising trend of aluminium

Aluminium doors are becoming increasingly popular throughout the home for their contemporary style and versatility. Offering a range of configuration options, you can close off narrow passageways or divide your living areas. Our aluminium Zone Living collection offers the ultimate in made to measure moveable walls that allow you to close off certain living areas whenever it suits you. These innovative, custom made doors can be used for openings of all shapes and sizes. (hinged options)

Seamless folding for ultimate flexibility

Our aluminium bi-fold doors are an excellent choice for leading into lounge rooms, where the opening might be extra wide or an odd size. They are made to fit your space, and they give you freedom and flexibility in how you use your living areas. They can be closed when you want more privacy or peace and quiet, and then fold back to open to give you full access to the space. The elegant folding mechanism, with no bottom track, makes for a seamless flow from room to room.


Sliding into contemporary living

Our range of sliding aluminium doors offers style and convenience throughout the home. Sliding doors can be a smart solution for tighter spaces, like laundry nooks, where there isn’t space for a hinged door to swing open, and they also make a sleek and stylish choice for wardrobe doors. As part of our Zone Living revolution, sliding aluminium doors have the power to transform how you use your living areas by zoning off an entire room to create a separate space when it suits you.

Movable walls are the future

Stacking aluminium doors are an innovative solution for wider openings around your home as you can choose to combine 3 or 6 panels that stack neatly on top of each other to open. These made to measure doors can be installed in heights between 2100 and 2700 mm, so you can even create movable floor to ceiling walls that cut a room in half when closed, giving you two separate usable spaces. Enjoy the ultimate freedom of flexible open plan living.


Design it your way

Our aluminium doors are designed to enhance your lifestyle and subtly complement your home décor, so when it comes to the look and finish of your doors it really is your call! There are 7 different double glazed panel designs to choose from, with clear or translucent glass. The aluminium frame can be finished in black, grey, white or woodgrain to suit your tastes and style, so that your doors look right at home.

Peace, privacy & comfort

Our aluminium doors come with large glass panels in either clear or translucent glass, so that you can maintain a flow of light around your living areas even when your doors are closed. These panels are double glazed for superior sound and heat insulation, giving you greater privacy, peace and quiet when you need it, and also making it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature from room to room.



  • Hinged, folding, sliding or stacking
  • Combine multiple panels
  • Choice of designs
  • Metal tone (grey), White or Woodgrain finish

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Our interior aluminium doors feature double glazing, so they have excellent insulation qualities. This means you can make the most of the light throughout your home, while minimising noise transference between rooms. These doors are also available in a wide range of configurations, are custom made, and can be installed in openings up to 2700 mm high. Aluminium can make for a sleek contemporary look and is also extremely hard-wearing.

Aluminium internal doors can be used throughout the home, between rooms or to close off interior passageways. They are well suited to laundries and other high moisture areas. Our aluminium Zone Living doors are also designed to close off open plan living areas when it suits you, or for home offices and media rooms to help with heat and noise transference.

Yes, our aluminium interior doors are available in a range of stylish colour options: white, grey, black, woodgrain or primrose.

The installation time for Aluminium Interior doors will depend on the size and configuration of the opening or doorway.

The price of Internal aluminium doors will depend on the size, style and configuration of doors that you choose. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for at your local showroom, we can arrange a free measure and quote.

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