Glazed and Panelled Glass Sliding Doors

Adding glass to your doors is a great way to invite more light into your rooms, uplifting your living spaces with a bright, airy and spacious feel. Glazed panels can also be a stylish and contemporary interior design choice, and decorative glass makes for an elegant and striking feature panel.

We offer an extensive selection of glazing options to balance style with safety and practicality, including double glazed panels for superior sound and heat insulation around the home. Our exclusive Insulsafe™ and Safeglass™ materials have been engineered to deliver high performance and durability, and to keep your family safe and secure, and our wide range of designs gives you plenty of scope to make a stylish choice for your home.

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Elegant Glazed internal doors

French doors add a certain je ne sais quoi to any home, and the good news is that they don’t have to come with a premium price tag. The Caulfield range includes designs that incorporate one or two or nine glass panels that allow a flow of light from room to room . You can choose from a selection of glazing options to suit every taste, from clear and simple to embellished and decorative..

Classic French charm

Our Mascot range of elegant French doors invites you to enjoy the timeless union of timber and glass throughout your home. Choose single or double doors, with either one large glass pane or multiple smaller panes in a range of designs. These chic French doors uplift your living areas with light, while optional clear double glazing reduces noise and heat transference between rooms, maximising both style and comfort.


Catch a glimpse with mirrored doors

Our Reflections collection incorporates mirrors into many of our internal door ranges, adding interest, style and convenience. A mirrored panel on one side of the door can help to reflect the light and make your rooms feel more airy and spacious. Mirrored doors are also an excellent solution for bedrooms, wardrobes and bathrooms, providing a moment of reflection when you most need it.

A touch of luxury

For chic and sophisticated internal doors that uplift your home style, it doesn’t get classier than our Hamptons range. These glazed timber doors combine clean lines and refined design touches with sleek glass panels that flood your home with light. Choose from 4 contemporary designs, with hinged or sliding configurations. Your doors can be finished in crisp white or a luxurious dark maple stain.


Glass for zoning

Our hinged, sliding, folding or stacking Zone Living doors really do capitalise on the benefits of glass around the home. Whether you choose sleek aluminium frames or the classic Shaker style, you can zone off smaller areas of your living space without losing the open plan feel and flexibility. Large glass panels allow light to flow freely, while clear double glazing helps to maintain privacy and comfort.

The traditional fold

Folding glazed doors are an elegant way to combine a traditional home style with contemporary convenience. With timber or aluminium frames, and a choice of designs, you can create a space-saving folding solution that doesn’t block out the light when closed. Clear glass gives you maximum light flow, while translucent glass offers more privacy from room to room.


Superior Quality

Double Glazing

Toughened, double-glazed panels for enhanced sound and heat insulation, giving you peace, privacy and comfort.


500% stronger than ordinary glass, and if broken under extreme force will not harm your loved ones.


Decorative panels of glass and zinc, lead or brass, sealed in a double glazed unit for outstanding insulation, energy efficiency and safety.


  • Double Glazing
  • Safeglass™
  • Insulsafe™
  • Plain
  • Frosted
  • Patterned
  • Zinc, Lead or Brass
  • Multiple door designs

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Our timber glass doors are available in standard sizes, while our aluminium Zone Living doors are made to measure, and some of our other ranges are custom made to the opening.

We offer interior glass doors in a wide range of styles to suit any home or decor. You can choose full or half length glass panels, various French styles, or we can offer both clear and decorative glass in many styles. Door materials include timber, MDF and aluminium, with a range of finish options. Glass doors can be installed as hinged, sliding or folding doors, and in single or double configurations.

The cost will depend on the style and material of the doors you choose, the size of your doorway, and whether the framework and hardware also need updating.

Interior glass doors can be installed as hinged, sliding or folding doors in both single and double configurations. Custom made sliding, stacking and multiple folding options are also available.

In all of our interior glass doors we use Doors Plus SafeGlass. SafeGlass is up to 500% stronger than ordinary glass and will only break under extreme force. If broken, it won’t break into long and dangerous shards but will shatter into small, harmless granules, so it’s the safe choice for you and your family.

If you are experienced, painting or staining an interior glass door can be easy. All 6 sides of the door need to be fully sealed to ensure the product remains under warranty (4 edges and 2 faces). Sealing the entire door may involve removing the door, finishing, and then refitting.
At Doors Plus, our raw interior doors are supplied with Paint ‘n’ Peel film already applied to the glass panels. This makes it as easy as possible to finish the door, without having to do any masking up in preparation.
To save you time and money and the fuss of finishing your new doors, we can arrange to finish the doors in white or in our signature stain colours.

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