Internal MDF / Composite Doors

Many of our internal doors are made from a hollow core , semi-solid construction and solid joinery construction, with a Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) skin, which is denser than plywood and has a smooth finish on both sides.

This allows for a wide range of different routing designs, from subtle and understated to deep and distinctive, so you can choose a range of doors that suits your home and refreshes your interior. The smooth MDF surface is also easier to paint than timber, so you can add a splash of colour and finish your doors in your own personal style.

These wonderfully versatile doors can be used in almost any space and configuration throughout your home, including hinged, bifolds, sliding and stacking options. Some of our composite door styles include glazed panels, with either plain or decorative glass, so you don’t have to shut out the light from room to room. Composite doors are also fortified and extremely secure, so they stand up to the rigours of everyday use in a busy family home.

If you’re looking for affordable doors that work throughout your home, with an extensive choice of designs and the versatility to complement your personal style and decor, our composite doors are an unbeatable solution.

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No need to blow the budget

Hollow Core doors are the most economical option for internal doors around your home, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style and choice. We have a wide selection of hollow core doors, such as our versatile Marsden range, with single or double hinged and even folding solutions. Multiple size, design and finish options give you plenty of scope to make these doors your own.

Spoilt for choice

Our solid joinery doors include the clean, minimalist and understated style of the Shaker series, which works effortlessly around the home. There are multiple designs to choose from, and you can incorporate clear or translucent glass or even mirrored panels to add interest to your doors. We offer hinged, sliding or folding doors to suit your space, and finish options include a crisp white painted finish, or the MDF skin can be supplied pre-primed, ready to be painted in the colour of your choice.


The best of both

The semi-solid construction of our Kingston range gives you the economical benefit of composite doors as well as superior sound insulation. This makes them an excellent choice for home offices, or for reducing general noise transference between rooms. You can choose between solid panelled doors with deep, square routing, and glazed options that incorporate clear, translucent or decorative glass. The smooth MDF skin is easy to paint in the colour of your choice.

The art of subtlety

The subtle style of our composite ranges can complement and enhance any interior décor scheme. The shallow routing of the Definiti range is available in 5 different styles and has the power to add a point of interest to your rooms without being imposing. Whether you choose the understated routing of the Definiti doors or our sleek flush panel range, there are multiple size options to choose from.


The tall and short of it

The distinctive three-step layered design of our chic New Yorker range is available in both the standard height of 2040 mm and a taller option at 2340 mm. This means you can enjoy the art deco vibes of Downtown Manhattan on floor to ceiling wardrobes, as well as in connecting doors and passageways. These solid panelled doors can be installed in single, double or sliding options and the Primed MDF skin is easy to paint to suit your homes style.

It’s all in the acoustics

Our Vogue series of internal doors really makes the most of hollow core construction. The extra thick MDF skin guarantees better acoustic performance when compared to standard hollow core doors, helping you to maintain a calm and peaceful environment around your home. Choose hinged or sliding doors, available in multiple shallow routed designs.



  • Hollow core or semi-solid , and Solid Joinery construction
  • Hinged, sliding, stacking or bifold
  • Single, double or multiple panels
  • Huge range of size options
  • Solid or glazed
  • Traditional and contemporary designs
  • Painted white or pre-primed

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An internal MDF door is a door for the interior of your home that’s made from an engineered wood product called medium density fibreboard. These doors generally have a hollow core construction but are also available in a semi-solid construction.

Wood doors are constructed from engineered timber, while MDF doors are made from medium density fibreboard. This means MDF doors are generally more economical than engineered timber, as well as being robust and versatile. MDF doors have a smooth finish that is suitable for painting, while wood doors can either be painted or stained to bring out the natural woodgrain.

MDF doors can be painted but are not suitable for staining.

This will vary depending on the size and configuration of the doorway, and whether your doors need to be trimmed down to fit. If you also require new framework, this will add to the installation time.

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