Internal Contemporary Style Doors

If you want to achieve a fresh and modern feel throughout your home, your choice of internal doors will play a key role in striking the right tone.

We have a huge collection of internal doors that are ideal for complementing a contemporary interior, with sleek lines, innovative solutions and chic designs. With the option to paint your doors in the colour of your choice, you can be as bold or as minimalist as you like!

Whether you choose timber, composite or aluminium doors, we offer plenty of contemporary ranges, including minimalist routing designs and a smooth finish, and adding glass or mirrored panels can help to add a touch of modern flair. Our Zone Living collection is effortlessly contemporary in style, and designed with the modern home and lifestyle in mind.

For hinged, folding, sliding or stacking doors for every area of your contemporary home, explore our collections today.

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Subtle & versatile style

Our Definiti series of hollow core internal doors infuses your home with contemporary chic, without the premium price tag to match. The shallow routing of the subtle, etched design appears on both faces of the door and complements your décor with its understated character. The white painted finish is a clean, contemporary touch, or you can easily paint your doors in the colour of your choice. These versatile doors come in hinged or sliding, single or double configurations.

Peace & quiet are in vogue

For peace and privacy around your home, our Vogue Acoustic doors never go out of style. The 6.3mm thick MDF skin offers outstanding sound deadening qualities when compared to a standard hollow core door, making them an excellent choice for external doors, or for your home office or bedroom. Shallow routing creates a contemporary look, with clean, smooth lines, and they are available in single or double, hinged or sliding options.


Light & privacy – best of both

Incorporating translucent glass into your doors is a great way to invite natural light into your home and uplift your living spaces, without compromising on privacy. Designs can incorporate one or more glazed panels, and our range of stylish French doors maximises the potential of glass throughout your home. The Hartley collection of exterior doors and the Hamptons internal range combine solid timber with translucent glass for chic and sophisticated contemporary style.

It’s all in the details

We offer handles, tracks and hardware in a stylish matt black finish to beautifully complement your contemporary home. Whether you choose hinged or sliding, single or double, solid or glazed, the hardware puts the finishing touch on your modern doors and locks in that sense of fresh, contemporary style from room to room.


The ultimate in contemporary living

Our aluminium Zone Living collection is tailor made for the modern home and lifestyle. These hinged, sliding, folding or stacking doors give you complete flexibility so that your open plan living space can instantly adapt to the needs of your family. The sleek aluminium frame can be finished in black for subtle and sophisticated style, while the large, double glazed panels keep your home feeling light, bright and airy.

Understated style, effortless performance

Our minimalist and versatile Shaker collection includes a stacking option, with 3 panels that retract together to open smoothly. This gives you contemporary flexibility with timeless elegance. There are 5 designs to choose from, using clean, square moulding, and incorporating clear glass panels allows light to filter from room to room.


Indulge in Hamptons chic

Our Hamptons internal doors combine quality Pacific Ash timber with sleek glass panels for contemporary style that oozes sophistication. The clean lines of the 4 modern designs suggest refinement, with a touch of luxury. Your doors can be painted white, for a fresh and modern finish, or you can paint them in the colour of your choice for the personal touch.


  • Engineered timber, composite or aluminium
  • Hinged, folding, sliding or stacking
  • Single, double or multiple panels
  • Huge range of designs
  • Various glass and mirror options
  • Paint or stain options
  • Fully finished or custom made

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Contemporary Style Internal doors are available in widths of 870, 820, 770, 720, 620 and 520 mm, and heights of 2340 and 2040 mm, however not all sizes are available across all ranges.

Internal Contemporary Style doors are available in a range of materials, including engineered timber, MDF, and aluminium. There is a wide choice of designs available, with or without glass panels.

A solid door is made from engineered timber and therefore offers superior sound deadening qualities. A hollow core door is made from a hollow core construction with an MDF skin. These doors can be more cost effective, while also offering versatility. Engineered timber doors can be painted or stained, to bring out the woodgrain, while hollow core doors have a smooth MDF skin that can be painted in the colour of your choice.

Internal Contemporary Style doors can be configured as single or double hinged doors, single or double sliding doors, bi-fold or multi-fold doors, or even stacking doors. Your choice will depend on your preference, and the space available.

Contemporary Style doors are available in either solid panelled designs, with slightly etched grooves, or Contemporary Style glass designs.

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