Composite Doors

Composite Doors With or Without Glass

Composite doors are created using a variety of materials, using processes that result in a door that is fortified and extremely secure.

At Doors Plus, we use Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), a reconstituted, dry-processes wood panel product. It is denser than plywood and has a smooth finish on both sides.

Features and Benefits

  • Composite doors allow for a smoother finish than timber as its finish is not dependent on the natural grain of the wood
  • They are easier to paint
  • They allow for a variation of design
  • They are a more economical option than solid timber doors
  • They are versatile and can be used for external and internal doors in almost every style (bi-fold, hinged, sliding etc.)

Internal-Feature-white-door          External-Solid Door-Door          composite-white-single-leadlight-insulsafe          Composite-White-withglass-insulsafe

Interested in our range of composite doors?

Visit your nearest Doors Plus showroom and check out our Guardian 2-in-1 range. These doors comprise of composite materials and screen door mesh.

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