Glass Doors

Glass Doors

What Are Glazed Doors?

Glazed doors are doors featuring glass panels within the frame that are shaped to particular patterns or sizes. Adding a glazed feature panel to a front, external or internal door instantly introduces a touch of class to a home. At Doors Plus, we have a range of smart solutions for your glass doors. From single and double glazed doors to exclusively manufactured InsulSafe™ and Safe-Glass™ materials, our doors are designed to keep your home safe and stylish.

glass panels of a glazed door

Benefits & Features

  • Safe Glass™: Exclusive to Doors Plus, Safe Glass™ is up to 500% stronger than ordinary glass. If broken under extreme force, it will break into small granules to prevent serious injury as opposed to normal glass which breaks into shards and slivers. Safe Glass™ was devised to provide protection and safety for your family and introduced across the entire range in many fashionable styles, Australia wide.



  • Double Glazing: This is a great solution for its superior insulation properties. It will protect your home from extreme temperatures and will help keep your energy bills down. It also provides sound insulation and minimises noise transference for a better environment for your family.
  • InsulSafe™: Decorative panels of glass and Zinc, lead or Brass are sealed in a double glazed unit in a range of traditional and modern designs to suit the look at feel of your home. Creating a triple layer of Safe Glass™ brings benefits of safety, insulation and energy efficiency.


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