Hinged Opening Doors

Hinged Opening Doors

The hinged opening door is traditionally the first option that most people consider when looking for a new or a replacement door. So much so that the hinge is not even referenced, as the majority of entrance and internal doors are hinged.

Hinged doors can be left or right opening depending on your preference and space. However, if there is insufficient room or access to swing the door in either direction, a sliding movement may be the preferred, and sometimes only, option.

Hinged doors can be made from a variety of materials from solid timber to fibreglass, from aluminium to composite. With many design features and details such as glass inserts, our wide range is available at our showrooms across Australia.

Not sure which of these options to choose? It’s important to understand the features and benefits of this classic door so that you’re able to decide if suits your purposes.

Features and Benefits of Hinged Doors

Whether you need a main entrance, an external or internal door, or a door for your wardrobe or utility closet, the hinged door is ideal in any situation. At our showroom, you can buy a fully finished door that can be fitted for you, or you can have one designed and custom-built especially for your space.

french-timber-with-glass          External-Solid Door-Door          Timber-with-Glass2-Front-external          Composite-White-withglass-insulsafe

Range of Materials:

Timber: Our timber doors can be painted or stained to suit your architecture and interior decor

Timber and Glass: Combined with a feature panel made of Doors Plus Safe Glass (TM) these timber doors are strong and stylish, effortlessly adding a design component to your home.

Fibreglass with or without Glass: Available in a range of great designs, fibreglass is weather and wear resistant.

Composite with or without Glass: These strong external hinged doors are available in a variety of design choices and can also be fitted with a solid glass panel.

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Want to know more about our hinged doors?

At Doors Plus, our trained consultants are available 7 days a week to guide and assist with your choice of application. Visit us today and don’t forget to talk to our staff about a free measure and quote.

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