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Our Shaker range of internal doors, the popular Hamptons Style, brings an understated style that works throughout your home. From traditional to contemporary, these versatile doors will complement any décor and fit seamlessly into any room.

Connecting bedrooms, hallways and family rooms, or as tasteful cupboard or wardrobe doors, you can’t go wrong with these aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive Shaker doors.

What Are Shaker Doors?

Shaker doors feature simple square indents with a surrounding flat frame. Edges are square and lacking ornamentation. The Shaker community considered embellishment to be excessive and prideful. This distinctive lack of decorative mouldings or carvings means that the Shaker style is never a passing trend.

Originating from the 18th century, the essential principles of Shaker design and construction have inspired popular modern interior design trends. The rich legacy of quality craftsmanship, with a focus on functionality, practicality and minimalist style makes our Shaker range one of our most versatile and timeless collections, due to its simplicity and clean lines.”

Shaker Interior Doors

Our Shaker doors are available in hinged or sliding options, with both single and double configurations, so they are a great choice for any opening, connecting door or wardrobe within your home. There are 7 stylish designs to choose from, each with clean, square moulding around one or multiple panels. Our Shaker style interior doors are also constructed with MDF allowing for a very smooth surface which makes it a great surface for painting.

We also offer an exclusive selection of unique customisation options that incorporate solid panels, clear or translucent glass, or a sleek mirror panel on one side, so you can choose the look that best suits you and your space.

We can supply our Shaker doors in a range of widths, all the way up to 920 mm in some designs, to fit the different spaces and openings around your home. We also offer a 2340 mm high option in some styles, for wardrobes or taller entryways in modern homes.

Your doors can be painted white, for timeless and minimalist internal doors that work in every room, or we can supply them pre-primed and ready for you to paint in the colour of your choice. This makes our Shaker doors even more flexible and an excellent all-round solution for internal doors throughout any home.

shaker doors from doors plus

Shaker Introduction

Spoilt For Choice

  • 31 Variations in Design & Style Options
  • Safeglass™ & Mirror Variations
  • We Can supply the Doors Primed Ready to Paint or Paint Them White For You
  • Range of Sizes Available
  • Great For All Interior Spaces

Shaker Bathroom Matte Black Hardware Doors Plus

Visit a showroom near you and discuss with one of our consultants which shaker style interior door will be best for you.



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