Quality Materials

Quality Materials

The material of the door plays a vital role in its function. Some materials are perfect for external doors as they are strong, weather resistant and age well. Some others are perfect for indoor applications due to their light weight, versatility and design.

Timber: Doors Plus is proud to use 100% Pacific Ash in our range of Timber Doors.

Timber with Glass: 100% Pacific Ash Timber and Doors Plus Safe Glass™ come together to create this range of doors that look stylish and keep you home safe.

Composite: Composite doors are those that are made up of a combination of various materials. Whether you want a hollow core plain door or a Solid core door with a glass panel, or a beautifully crafted internal door with square cornered routed panels, we deliver.

Glass: If you’re looking for a door with glass panels, you are sure to find a smart solution in Doors Plus’ wide range. From single and double glazed doors to exclusively crafted InsulSafe™ and SafeGlass™ materials, our solutions are designed to keep your home safe and stylish.

Fibreglass: The perfect defence against extreme weather conditions, fibreglass doors are a great solutions for Australian homes. Our ClimActive™ fibreglass doors have been specially designed to stand up to extreme temperatures.

Aluminium: Our range of aluminium doors come in a variety of designer colours. This versatile material can be used in a number of applications as it can be installed in a folding, stacking or sliding motion, and can have Internal application with Zone Living and or Externally with Bona Vista.

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